5 Seasonal Items at Trader Joe’s We Love

With fall season here, there are loads of seasonal items on every end cap in Trader Joe’s. However, where have we gone pumpkin crazy and what is worth the try? We’ve scoured tried and sampled most of the fall items at TJ’s. We know the items you should pass up and the ones that are 100% worth the purchase.
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Pumpkin Spice Cookies
A perfect sweet treat to finish off a meal, these cookies are similar to the ginger snap cookies, but are slightly more well rounded in autumn spices and their finish. To top it all off there’s a vanilla yogurt coating that’s the added touch of sweetness and literally the icing on top. It is a great cookie to pair with a cozy drink at the end of the night and is mild enough the littles will love them as well.
Sweet potato and sage gnocchi
This is a seasonal favorite. I love to pair it with a lemon herbed chicken or braised chicken with apples and sage. It’s perfectly autumnal and pairs so well with many things. I love to use this as a quick cooking side for weeknight meals that are made in 30 minutes or less.
Harvest Chili
Remember how I love the sample section? Sometimes the options are hit or miss, but this quick chili is incredible. Found in the deli section, it boasts amazing superfood ingredients including sweet potato, black beans, peppers, and quinoa. For those of you who are vegan, it’s a dish that’s full and robust with hearty flavor. Not vegan? Add grated raw cheddar and a scoop of greek yogurt or sour cream to round out the meal.
TGS Fall Edition Kombucha
If apple cider and kombucha had a baby, it’d be this drink. With carrot, ginger, and spices, it’s the fall version of a favorite. I typically opt for the Gingerade variety, but when I saw the illustration on the bottle, I decided to give it a try. It’s worth it, a 100 times over.
Raw pressed apple cider
While you can easily purchase the gallons of cider throughout the year, there’s nothing like raw pressed cider. As a kid who was raised by orchards, apple harvests, and pumpkin patches galore, one sip of this cider takes me back to fall days. For an adult version, I add it to a red wine based sangria or this spiced apple one.
Tell me, what are you seasonal favorites at Trader Joes? Anything you can’t live without?
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