Casual Friday Vol 4

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s been another full week. With rainy days and gray skies, the fall weather that I have come to know and love has finally arrived to Redding. This week my school schedule is finally in full swing. I’m reminding myself that it’s for a season, but it is certainly something that has taking around 6 weeks to adjust to. I’m finding that the very things in life I truly want won’t come easy and are values I will have to prioritize to have margin and see fully in my life.

Keep reading for moments behind the scenes from this week!

Last weekend I found myself at an amazing event with those in my community. A night of community, collaboration, and celebration. I sat under the stars with candlelight, as the sunset on the farm with the mountains in the distance. With a three course meal, it was phenomenal and probably one of my favorite moments with my community in Redding to date. It was an honor to attend and be able to cook for the event with new friends.

One of my favorite parts about having a storefront location in downtown has been seeing the economic development and movement within the past few months. We now have one new restaurant and two new bars within walking distance. This is big for Redding and something we’re incredibly excited about! (Not to mention, great happy hours and a new lunch spot!)

With the onset of fall has brought back the resurgence of layers in my fall closet. A favorite, my cognac booties, black high waisted skinnies, buffalo plaid flannel, and olive anorak jacket. That with my mug of coffee and rainy low light has been an absolute favorite and perfect way to greet my workflow in the morning.

The fall light has been super fun. The shadows in our living room after the morning rains caught my eye and made our living room look so vibey in all the right ways.

Last weekend, my nights were filled with friends. It was welcome and I’m so thankful the community I’ve found in this season. Incredible people and rare gems. Whether we had a spontaneous dinner party, dinners in a field, or a bonfire overlooking the city, river, and mountains at the Bluffs, I was able to relax and spend my moments with friends among the nature I’ve come to love.

Long days have led into long mornings. A few mornings ago we went off-roading as a team. The alarm went off at 5:30, but was so, so worth it. With coffee in hand we headed to the mountains, with great tunes, company, and a favorite dog with us. It was the adventure my heart needed and had been longing for. I was able to have fun and be in the office by 9. A win-win.

Here are some links I’ve been loving on the Internet lately:

-Confession. I love the Gilmore Girls. My sister-in-love and I are planning on watching them together and having a party of sorts. Here’s a sneak peek at the official trailer.

– Because the election has been crazy and our news feeds will get a bit more nuts as time goes on. Canada, we love you. Thanks for reminding us of who we are and brightening our day.

– I’ve been eyeing a few blanket scarves lately. This one at Madewell is on my wishlist.

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Redding Friends! I’ll be co-hosting an Instagram Workshop at our space in Downtown. If you’re curious about how to use Instagram for your business, need a brush up, or are trying to figure out how to leverage this platform, this workup is just for you! Find tickets for the event here.

What are you up to this weekend?

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