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Over the past month, much of life has been spent up in the air and on the open road. There’s something about travel. Past the beautiful feeds, you discover different cultures, those who think differently, and adapt a different rhythm. When creating on the road, you adjust to a new groove, one where spaces and places are meant to be discovered. I’m one who always loves travel seasons. There’s bliss to be found in the newness of adventure, the wildness found in road trips, and the energy of urban environments. It resonates deep within and a value I will continue to create margin for in the years to come, regardless of the seasons of life that may come.

More than anything after being away from the familiarities that fill my days, there’s nothing like coming home. Every time I seem to fly out, I find that I land back into a new season. There’s spiritual and physical that always seems to change. On the past month, I’ve found the margin and rhythms of rest my heart has been longing for. More than anything, I’ve become more self-aware as a creative, entrepreneur, and a small business owner. There’s something about living and breathing to serve and love other people. Over the years, stress has lifted and I’m no longer concerned about significance, and influence. Rather I’m more focused on creating things that matter. These are becoming the driving questions behind what I create.

Will it serve and help other people?
How am I making my world a better place? 

If I’m honest, landing and reentry after traveling is always a challenge for me. 

I often try to adapt and answer questions a bit too quickly. My head is filled with questions, “How do I apply the growth I’ve learned? How does this affect the day in and day out operations of my life? What adjustments do I need to make? What do I need to catch up on?”

The past week has been focused on finding my footing. We have large projects in the works that we’re hoping to launch at the beginning of August. (Get ready. Our walls are filled with mood boards and pre-production calendars. Our Evernote is filled with notes unlike any other project thus far. It’s going to be really, really good.) Until then, there’s a bit of joy in laundry, chores, meal planning, and transforming my room into a phenomenal creative workspace and studio. I’ll be bringing the garden back to life and getting in the groove as a prep for a full fall. Much like Dorothy journeying back from the land of Oz, there’s truly no place like home.


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