Day Trip: Burney Falls

With the end of a school year coming to a close, it was time to find another adventure. When my mom came to visit NorCal, we decided to head to Burney Falls for the day. With a few easy trails and an hour drive, it was a perfect spring afternoon. (That and my mom has a mild obsession with waterfalls, so it was a super easy decision.)

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Located 59 miles away from Redding off of 299 in Burney, the drive is picturesque with views of surrounding vineyards, woods, and Mt. Lassen. It was my first time to visit Burney Falls and certainly won’t be my last. It’s the perfect afternoon picnic spot and the water is crisp and refreshing for our approaching hot summer days. The best part about Burney Falls? It’s an easy hike accessible to anyone and located in lower elevation, it is passable year-round. This year, the water was moving quickly, as we’ve had loads of spring rain. While there, we decided to hike a easy and simple 1.2 mile loop. The woods were covered with ferns, moss, and trees. That and the Saturday afternoon light was gorgeous.

Pictures? Did I mention pictures? We took a lot. I might have had a bit too much fun with my Instax camera.

Where should I head for my next day trip? I was thinking the Oregon coast as my next stop.

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