Everything You Need to Know About Hygge

With the winter months in full swing and a weekly forecast of cloudy skies and full rain cover, it is time for us to embrace the Danish and Nordic tradition of Hygge. If you’re anything like us Christmas in our space is magical. Filled with fairy lights, beautiful winter greens, and color, our living space is transformed in a wonderland. Once the tree and bulbs get put away it’s easy for a living space to feel somewhat bland and sterile. No problem Hygge is here to help! Pronounced hue-guh it is a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment, whether alone or with friends, at home or out, ordinary or extraordinary as cozy, charming, or special. It isn’t so much about a lifestyle, but rather a conscious slowing down during given times of the year.

It truly is the art of slow living. With identifiable practices and rituals, find moments to create this cozy feeling throughout your home and space. There are a few things we’ve adapted and allows for the perfect feelings of coziness throughout the space, perfect for nights in bringing a bit of life back into our space.

1. Start with the senses. 

Take time to find a favorite blend of essential oils that feel fresh and cozy. We love some of the pre-bottled blends of Doterra and diffuse them throughout our air, cleaning it, and keeping things fresh. If you’re looking for something that will keep everyone healthy find blends of peppermint for respiratory needs. (We love breathe.) Other blends that are great include citrus and cinnamon (On Guard) or for something simple use a few drops of lemon.

Gluten Free Chocolate Buttercream Cake

2. Embrace a few new cooking techniques.

When it comes to Hygge, take time to make food that are labors of love. Whether it’s a delicious cinnamon rolla chocolate layered cake with stunning winter decorations, or the most delicious soups, take a cue from outside, and experiment with new cooking techniques. We’ve loved cooking our way through cookbooks that were purchased as gifts throughout the holiday season. Another skill we’re hoping to master in 2018? Making our own bread and homemade pasta. These past times are perfect for the winter months.

3. Create the perfect setting.

Light a candle, bring a bit of outdoor greenery, and place books and magazines around your space. These elements come together and create a lovely cozy corner, perfect for reading throughout the winter evenings to come.

4. Embrace cozy textiles.

Knubby wool, crushed velvets, and faux fur are the perfect layers to bring warmth for long winter evenings. Our townhome lacks the architectural details of a fireplace or mantle. In light of this, we keep the ledge of where our television is filled with lanterns, hurricanes, and tealights. If all the candles are lit in our home, it immediately becomes cozy, warm, and similar to a fireplace.

5. Invite others in and host a dinner party.

As the winter months go on, invite friends in for a simple gathering. Whether you end up playing games at the end of the night, enjoying a bottle of red, or savoring a simple dish, allow others to enjoy the cozy space you’ve created. Allow our food and gather archives to serve as inspiration.

What are some of the way you’re embracing the long days of winter?

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below.

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