A French Fete Birthday

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of hosting a birthday dinner party for a dear friend and am excited to share with you all this content! Behind the scenes were a bit crazy (the urgent care, pain killers, and changing plans due to triple degree temps might have been involved), but I am absolutely thrilled with the results, the way it all turned out, and the friends that helped to pull it off.

In honor of the friend, everything was inspired by the country of France. From lavender fields in the countryside, to fresh cooking and French wine, the night was filled with nods to a favorite country and the decadence the comes with a great evening and even better company.

Choosing a color palette of purples, fuchsias, and reds, with metallic pops of copper, it was traditional with a bit of sass and fun, just like the birthday girl.

Stay tuned for posts throughout the week for all the details behind this party! Tomorrow, I’ll share the styling and florals for the table.

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