Gift Guide: My Favorite Things

With the holiday season just around the corner, I’ve got filling out gifts and wish lists on my mind. This year I’m starting the gift guide rollout with my favorite things. There are items you have and then items you love. These are products I adore.  You will find me using or wearing them on a daily basis.

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gift guide my favorite things

Everlane White V-Neck T: This t-shirt is loosely fit and the best cotton. It’s silky smooth against your skin and has a perfect drape. I’m always looking for great basics and once I found this t-shirt, I knew my search was over. I have this tee in every color and dress it up and down constantly.

Kitchen Aid Mixer: This is an item I absolutely adore. I think every home cook desires to have a KitchenAid Mixer and it exceeds every expectation I have. This KitchenAid is perfectly on-trend with a metallic copper finish. This is the perfect gift to yourself. You won’t regret it.

Double Layer Necklace from The Giving Keys: The Giving Keys has been a company I’ve loved since I discovered their operation three years ago. Over the past year, they’ve rolled out designs that are more delicate and minimal in nature. This year they released their collection in a smart matte black.

Love and Lemons Cookbook: I’ve been following the Love and Lemons blog for years. With a focus on meatless, whole, and simple recipes, this is a cookbook that you will use constantly in the kitchen. Beautifully shot, I can’t recommend this cookbook enough. (Ours is well loved and has a few stains and splatters on it. The sign of any good cookbook.)

Johnny Swim Georgia Pond: For those who love brilliant duets, this couple brings a fresh sound and flair to the music scene. They came recommended to me by my roommates and are constantly streaming in our house. If you loved The Civil Wars, see this couple as a more upbeat version.

Everlane Cashmere Beanie: For the days where you really, really don’t want to do your hair. (Or it’s been in a topknot and hasn’t been washed for three. Sometimes the rhythm of life is sleep or shower around here.) This beanie combines the durability and warmth of wool, with the softness of cashmere. With simple ribbing and editorial details, you’ll look smart, put together, and no one will know. It can be our little secret.

Small Victories: Have you wanted to learn how to cook, but struggle to know where to begin in the kitchen? Are you looking for recipes that are simple and approachable? If so this book is for you. Filled with simple recipes for someone starting their journey in the kitchen and with food.

Instax camera: I picked up this camera a few years ago and have loved every moment with it. Whether it’s setting up a simple photo booth for parties, using Instax prints as place cards for a table setting, stocking identifiers, or placed in a Christmas tree, it is a great way to capture memories with friends and family. For the blog, it’s great for curating looks for fashion posts and having prints on hand for flat lay images. (Not to mention, my nieces absolutely love this camera.

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Check back tomorrow for a favorite, the dude gift guide.

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