Hit the Trail: Manzanita Lake

In the cusp of Redding summer heat, there’s nothing better than heading to higher elevation to cool off. With snowpacks on mountains year long, the wind from the mountains, keeps breezes cool and temperatures to an amazing 80 degrees. (In Redding, our summer temps average between 90-120 degrees Fahrenheit, so anything helps.) Located on an hour drive east of Redding, with a quick packed lunch of apples, Rx Bars, and jerky in tow we headed to Lassen National Park.

More than anything, I find that there’s solace in leaving the norm and heading to wide open spaces. Driving on the open road, with my coffee in hand, I rolled down the windows and took a deep sigh. This day marked the end of one season and the fresh beginnings of another. As the wind blowed through my hair, I could feel my body relax and embrace the fullness of unwinding. As we climbed, switchback to switchback, the vistas became more stunning and open. Crystal blue skies, the most stunning of thin clouds, and tall pines that in their majesty greeted me much like a friend would say, “Welcome Back.” It was a welcome back and homecoming indeed.

Now out of cell phone service, it was time to embrace wide open spaces. There is a welcome freedom that comes with shifting to an analog space. Life is experienced rather than being solely captured through a screen. No long with the pressure of feeling tethered to a device, creativity can flourish as there are no demands. No posts that must be written, no demands on time, or needs of other brands to be met. It’s a welcome and necessary break to the entrepreneur life.

This trail is one of my favorites, when it comes to escaping it all, it’s the perfect trail to enjoy for 9 months out of the year. As you enter Mt Lassen Park, head to Manzanita Lake. With a 1.7 mile loop, it’s flat in elevation, and offers stunning vistas. Boasting a placid lake and Lassen peak reflecting in the body of water, it’s the perfect place to sit with a good book and journal. Whether you’re sketching or simply enjoying shooting back in nature, it’s one of my favorites in the Park. (Due to it’s simplicity, it’s often forgotten by visitors.) This hike is perfect for little ones, skipping rocks and having a peaceful day on a Paddle board.

What are your favorite trails? Any in Redding or NorCal you’d love to share?

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