Home Sweet Holidays

Every year our Christmas decor gets updated and this year has been our favorite to date. While we love the use of multiple metallics and neutrals, it was time to embrace a bit of color back into our decor. As I looked around at fresh trends there were two ideas that came to mind- flocked trees with white lights or jewel tones. I wasn’t ready to make the jump to a snow flocked tree quite yet. Upon trying to source a palette I wasn’t fully satisfied with the jewel tones I was finding. They seemed to be straight out of Bollywood and incredibly bright. Instead I chose a melding of old and new. Using gold and copper ornaments from previous year, this anchored metallics throughout the palette and paired beautifully with rich colors of red, blue, green, and gold. This tree has become a favorite to date. Playing with texture and shine, it glistens in the light and adds visual interest, not to mention brings back a bit of color to the living room.

See how it all comes together throughout the house with this edition of Home Sweet Holidays after the jump!

Our color palette
Filled with evergreen, merlot, purple, and blues, a smart contrast of matte and shiny, it was a luxurious feast for the eyes and was a recurring trend in many packaged palettes. For an added touch of luxury, our faux fur tree skirt and copper glitter branches worked, bringing a touch of the unexpected to this tree.

Under the tree
At the foot of the tree, you’ll find gifts wrapped in the most stunning silk dupioni ribbon from Midori. The texture of the raw silk is a gorgeous statement. We happened upon this ribbon in a subscription box five years ago and it is every bit as soon worthy as that day. When paired with a sprig of rosemary or berry bundle and custom printable tag, they’re some of the most elegant gifts I’ve ever seen.

This year we moved a bit of our furniture upstairs, providing more space in our living room. By bring both occasional chairs to the same side it allowed for plenty of room for the tree to be beautifully placed in center of our front facing window. We love this arrangement and the way it invites conversation. There’s cozy nooks and vignettes around every corner.

Hanging the stockings with care
Every year we use the same artificial garland we purchased from the dollar spot many years ago. Over the years it’s become more and more thin looking. By doubling the garland and adding sprigs of fresh pine, eucalyptus, and berries, it added life back into this garland and formed a beautiful backdrop for the stockings to be placed. With extra bulbs added, and a wooden monogram ornament over each stocking, it is the personal touch our staircase needed.

The feature wall
Every year we change out our wall hanging and come to love it. (Find previous years DIYs here and here.) Last year we loved the wall hanging so much we left it up all year. This year we wanted to play with symmetry, balance, and color. By using fishing line and a bit of order, we took extra ornaments and tied them in a beautiful pattern. This wall hanging adds negative space and breathing room, with just the right amount off color.

The difference between a good and great home is simple. It’s the artful use of vignettes. As you look to an isolated section of a room, does it make sense? Is there visual balance? Does the room feel cohesive and balanced or does it feel overworked? Through the repeated element of bottle brush trees, candle holders in mixed metallics, bulbs in lush tones, and sprigs of fresh greenery, we were able to establish cozy vignettes throughout our open space. (Including our letterfolk board with a bit of millennial slang.) No space was overlooked including the bathroom that got festive with a few strings of berry branches in a gallon jug and sweet printable in a gold frame above the towel rack. (Get the free printable here.)

The table
Sourcing a stunning candle holder, we placed sprigs of fresh greenery and bulbs inside the glass box. This centerpiece is anchored on a linen table runner that can be used for countless gatherings throughout the season. With the touches of gold, it brings together all the elements of the home, creating something beautiful without much effort.

How do you decorate for the holidays? If you travel do you still put up a tree? When do you start decorating?

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in comments below.

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