Letting Go: What I Didn’t Do in 2018

They say there’s nothing better than letting go. To take a deep breath, breathing it all in and letting it all out. As I look back to 2018, it was one of massive transition and growing pains in a way. Your 20s are all about discovery, moving forward, and exploring. In my 30s, I’m allowing my roots to go deep.

As I look back to my 30th year, it was one of wild transition. I evacuated my apartment once due to violence and the second time due to fire. I experienced my first natural disaster and watched a city will to rebuild and find a new normal. I discovered the beauty of neighbors, building community, and a creative, collaborative community unfold again. (It’s something I’ve truly been missing for two years and am so thankful to have discovered it in this season.)

As I look to last year’s posts, I’m finding myself in the same place. The revenue, relational goals, and property desires I had this year, have remained unmet. There are moments where this has felt like yet another crushing defeat. However, in other moments I recognize in myself profound growth. There’s been expansion of capacity unlike ever before. I’ve rebuilt a home and found myself set in a broad place. There’s a steadiness and confidence that has grown within me. No longer worrying about what others are creating, feeling the need to compete, or compare, I’ve found so much beauty in staying in my own lane. The greatest difference? I walk with far more peace surrounding me than every before. I’ve learned how to carry the fulfillment of the very things I’ve prayed for. The stamina, resilience, and ability to uplevel every year has been phenomenal. There’s clear direction and story for my business. I know the next steps and they’re beyond exciting. I can’t wait to see what unfolds for 2019.

I write this post every year to remind myself of the beauty of letting go and moving forward. Before I set a list of expectations, a business plan, or strategic growth for 2019, I choose to wash away all the disappointments and what should have happened over the past year. At the age of 30, the voices of where you should be can be deafening in their screams. “You should be married by now.” “You should own a home.” “You should be making 6 figures.”

It’s the first year where I literally have the same goals and resolutions as the year before. I’m learning to be okay with it, knowing I gave 2018 my absolute best. I have a feeling 2019 is going to be a pretty great year as well.

Tell me, what are you choosing to let go of this year? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below.

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