Before + After: A No Cost Entryway Makeover

When it comes to life as a renter and a designer, I have found myself living in a strong tension. It’s a dilemma I’ve live in for over a decade and while I would love to push it to the side, there’s something within me that always longs for my spaces to feel beautiful and like home. However, when it came to this move- it simply was unexpected. (We’ll get a bit more vulnerable about this in a post later this week.) Within a few days, I was dropping thousands of dollars and would spend more on rent than I ever had in my lifetime. With this home, I decided to take my time. I built each room bit by bit, waiting to see how belongings and accessories could work, rather than finding the need to purchase something additional. As I lived in the space, I discovered the pieces I wanted to add. With the first before and after, I wanted to share a simple no-cost entryway makeover.

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A No Cost Entryway Makeover

The Before

While this rental has been updated in finishes and layout, I wanted to add a bit of personality. The finishes are simple medium grays throughout the space, finished out with white trim, brushed nickel knobs, and a gray driftwood laminate wood floor. While the hallways throughout the space are wide, I wanted to keep whatever I placed within the entry way a slim profile to keep things filling airy and open. The linen closet is around the corner in the hallway so I wanted a place to drop simple belongings as I walked in. With an immediate archway leading to the kitchen on the left hand side, everything needed to be placed with clearance of the opening of the front door and the pathway toward the kitchen.


As I looked through entryway spaces that I loved, there were a few things I noticed they had in common. Furniture was either a bench or a slim and parsons style table. Completed with moments of green and life, styling in these images are simple, and kept somewhat functional.

+ After

With space underneath the parsons table for people to drop their shoes, we placed a slim parsons desk as the entry way table. This desk has a minimal 14 inches of depth, keeping three feet of the walkway clear. With the warm finish of the wood, it added the necessary contrast to the otherwise cool gray finishes throughout. In the drawers below, I put daily essentials like envelopes, pens, stamps, and phone chargers that we use but want out of sight.

The entryway is anchored by a simple round mirror with a brushed silver frame. On one side of the mirror, I placed an antique gallon jug with tall greenery and branches that would dry beautifully. In the middle, another thrifted find of a midcentury tray with a walnut base and silver metal liner. This is what we affectionately refer to as the “drop zone.” Our phones, keys, mail, and wallet gets placed here. On the right hand side, to add a bit of additional life, I placed a low lying arrangement of fresh flowers in a modern and clean vase. (Also known as our juice and small glasses.) With a bit of ingenuity, I absolutely love the way this space turned out and think it provides the perfect entrance to our home.

What about you? Any essentials when it comes to blending form and function of any entryway or mudroom space? Have you ever tried a no-cost makeover where you repurpose items in your home?

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