Restyle: Midcentury on the Ranch

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What happens when you get the opportunity to re envision your identical floor plan but in a separate space? As I moved into my home last year, I had guests quickly arriving. The subsequent Before + After posts were quickly done where most projects were completed within a few weekends. The result? Few home projects have come my way and I’ve been looking for ways to re envision my space. The perfect inspiration came when a neighbor asked for help with their space.

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Recycle: Midcentury on the Ranch

Meet the piece that started it all.

Starting with a vintage upright piano bought on the streets of the Mission District in San Francisco, the space has multiple purposes. Part workspace, part filming set, and music studio.  With an editing bay on the left of the glass door (overlooking the view), it’s serves as the balance to the otherwise heavy piano. To keep things of similar visual weight on the opposite side of the room, we focused on pieces with a minimal profile, mid-century legs, and lush textures.

Home on the Ranch- The Inspiration

Growing up on the cattle ranches of New Mexico, horse life and desert vibes were the childhood of the owner. With this in mind, I wanted to play up texture, bring in pieces of soul, and play off of the classic Americana moments of ranch life. For the palette, we played off the gray walls and turned toward the owner’s favorite colors- black, burgundy, and a deep denim. (Think all things Ralph Lauren home.) Pretty soon, the space will be finished off with original Degrassi artwork and taxidermy from his childhood home.

Sourcing the pieces.

Living in Redding, it’s hard to source quality pieces on a budget. When we started sourcing pieces for this space, we found it-the perfect couch from an online retailer we both loved. However, even with sales the couch and freight shipping came to almost $2000. I knew we could do better. Our first goal was to set a new budget around $2000 for the living room and kitchen. Heading to Craigslist with a more meager budget, I was able to source amazing pieces for the space that brought a sense of soul and depth but couldn’t be purchased at a big box store. When it comes to a living room, start by picking out the couch. When asking a few questions of the owner, I quickly knew that a brown leather couch with clean lines and a deep seat was what was needed. Luckily, Craigslist had a used sofa at a fraction of the cost of the online retailer we found. While the leather has a few moments of distressing, it is worn in and has depth to the material. Because the couch took up visual weight in the space, we opted for a midcentury style coffee table with open legs. (Perfect for filming and shooting through. It is anchored by the sheepskin rug.) This one was found on Craigslist for $25 and picked up on a quick drive to a nearby town. Finishing off the space with two occasional chairs from World Market, our furniture shopping was complete.

Texture, texture, and more texture.

With an off white sheepskin rug and Pendleton wool pillow in tow, these items served as the lush textures to build upon throughout the room. Inspired by our palette and a modern gent’s wardrobe, we added a navy chenille lumbar pillow and cotton gray and white stripe square pillow. Anchored by a light blue and cream woven jacquard throw, the couch was complete. To add a bit more texture, we sourced a tribal woven ottoman from Target and the Opalhouse collection. (It’s a favorite spot of the owner for evening workflows and propping up your feet.)

Pro tip: Do you ever struggle to buy pillows concerned that the combination won’t look right? Take your existing pillows into the store with you and visually lay it out on the floor, cart, or place on a similar piece of furniture within the store. It will allow you to visually process your purchases without buyer’s remorse.

The finishing touches- styling out the space.

Nothing brings a room together like artwork and a few plants. In the corner, we placed a simple black tripod lamp with brass finishing. On the coffee table, a simple marble tray with a potted succulent and set of coasters. In a space inspired by music, a book on the western history of music and a leather journal for songwriting. The final touches? A palm in a mid-century planter and a hanging ceramic planter of vines from a galvanized pipe. Over the couch, the framed Degrassi and on the opposite wall, Scottsdale horse show poster, with deep roots in the owner’s family history.

Has this space given you a bit of apartment envy? We completely understand. (The used couch is everything and beyond comfortable.) I loved working on a space with strong pieces, getting creative when stretching a budget. The result is filled with history and soul, and playing with a more masculine, vibey space. Shop some of our favorite pieces for your own home below!

Gray Stripe pillow, Navy chenille pillow, Midcentury planter, Marble Tray/Coasters, Ottoman, Candle, and tripod lamp from Target

Latch Hook Wool Pillow from Pendleton Wool

Woven Jacquard Throw from TJ Maxx

Hanging planter and plants from Lowe’s

Coffee Table and Couch from Craigslist

Gray Midcentury Modern Chair and Navy Dining Chair from World Market

Sheepskin Wool Rug

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