I’m Melissa.

I believe in making small businesses great, growing sustainably, and living your best life as you do what you love. I firmly think bringing your truest self to the table is the best way to build your business, celebrate your life, and give a voice to the things you love.

I joke that my closet is a black hole. (Black skinny jeans are my uniform of choice.) I live in Northern California among mountains, lakes, and waterfalls. On my days off you’ll find me with a cold brew in hand and out adventuring.

Must haves: a latte macchiato, quiet in my morning routine, and an evening walk.

Branding, education, and social media are my jam.

Q: Why did I name the blog Glisten & Grace?

Over the years I have learned that living well takes practice and loads of intentionality. In the land of perfect images and a constant influx of  perfectionism, I thought an honest approach to a simple and beautiful life is much needed. There’s something about looking at our flaws, finding beauty in the imperfections, and realizing we are all perfectly imperfect. It’s with this grace that I build and curate a life I love. There’s incredible beauty in acknowledging where we are, learning lessons, and moving forward.

So here’s to embracing our little quirks, nuances, details, and the incredibly mundane moments. And here’s to permitting ourselves the grace for improvement, dreaming dreams again, taking little steps forward, stargazing, beautiful conversations, great cups of coffee, midnight dance parties, big bear hugs, and savoring the small, seemingly ordinary moments that provide purpose and meaning to our lives.

Welcome to our little space on the Internet. We don’t know if you were randomly browsing or searching for the perfect recipe or project, but we want you to know that we’re so very happy you’re here! Melissa started Glisten & Grace in 2014 shortly after her move to Northern California. It’s been a wild ride, but an absolute labor of love.

Over the years we’ve shared MANY posts. (We try to post fresh content 5 days a week.) Most of our posts are about food, travel, fashion, or running a small business. We hope the content delights and inspires you as you explore.

Again we love you, believe in you, and are so glad you’re here!