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The Dude Gift Guide

Shopping for the men in your life somehow feels notoriously hard. I don’t know if it’s the classic styles that persist for men from year to year, or it’s simply that I’m not yet married, but shopping for gents seems to always be a challenge. This year, I’m focusing on quality items and few things…

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Gift Guides are Now Live!

If you’re anything like me, this December has flown by. Over the past week, we sat down and completed all of our Christmas shopping in an hour and a half. Whether you’re feeling on the ball or haven’t even started, these are some of our favorite gift guides for the holiday season. Over the next…

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Advent: Embracing the Quiet

Fresh blankets of snow. Moments by a fire. Cozy vibes all around, right? But when was the last time you allowed a sacred stillness to come? To bring quiet and simplicity to the noise? To sit with a good Father and choose stillness, to choose being in his presence no longer preoccupied with religious activity,…

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A Holiday Home Tour

Embracing the newness of my home (you can read about the move and settling in here) and the first Christmas in this space, I was ready to embrace things that felt both classic and like a winter wonderland as well. While I didn’t flock my tree, it is cloaked with sprigs of fresh pine, california…

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Maker Stories: Jason Miller of Jaybird Chocolate

Once you meet Jason, you know you’ve met a visionary. Someone who is creative, looks forward, and can quickly reimagine something different. Today, we wanted to sit down with Jason and discover his story behind making as he ventures into chocolate. Keep reading for the full interview after the jump! How did it all start?…

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