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Casual Friday | Vol. 7

Happy Friday everyone! We’re starting the weekend early. Tomorrow we leave for a 7 day vacation with family. (I’m beyond excited as we’ll be reuniting for the first time since Christmas. It’s long, long overdue.) Headed to Sequoia and Yosemite National Park, I can’t wait for some fresh inspiration, stunning vistas, and lots of shoots…

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Hit the Trail: Manzanita Lake

In the cusp of Redding summer heat, there’s nothing better than heading to higher elevation to cool off. With snowpacks on mountains year long, the wind from the mountains, keeps breezes cool and temperatures to an amazing 80 degrees. (In Redding, our summer temps average between 90-120 degrees Fahrenheit, so anything helps.) Located on an…

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What’s In My Bag: Summer in Yosemite

This weekend we’re headed on our summer travel season. After a June filled with a launch season, we’re ready for a bit of a break and can’t wait to head back to our favorite spot. Our last visit to Sequoia and Yosemite was 4 years ago. It’s time we’ve returned. With little ones in tow,…

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15 Minute Dinners: Braised Lamb Chop Bowls

Can lamb be made in less than 20 minutes? Can a delicious weeknight dinner consist of such a great cut of meat and with other leftovers in the fridge. This recipe combines two of our favorite recipe concepts into one. We love meals that are both a cupboard clean out and are made in 15…

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Food Photography Styling & Basics

When I started blogging four years ago, the resources developed for food photography and styling were scarce. Four years later, you can quickly find ways to improve food photography. There are so many lessons, tips, and tricks I’ve learned over my blogging career. It’s a compilation of trial and error, skill development, and all the…

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