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Maker Stories: Andrew Cruz

Once you meet Andrew, you quickly know you have encountered someone that sees things differently. There’s an implicit humility and value for culture. With a strong eye for aesthetic, while applying fresh meaning to symbols, he is a creative soul you want to know. Recently we sat down and he shared his creative journey, from…

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Hit the Trail: Burney Falls

Burney Falls is a favorite where we live. (And one of my favorite spots to go when it’s hot outside.) The mist and sitting beside the falls feels amazing and around 30 degrees cooler than Redding. In summertime, it’s a welcome and much, much  needed relief. The trail is a loop and around 1.4 miles….

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How to Create 30 Days of Instagram Content in One Day

When it comes to planning social media content, I can imagine the sounds of implicit groans. “A month worth of content in 1 day! She must be crazy!”  After tweaking and working out this process over and over again, it works! This is the process I use for both social media clients and myself alike….

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15 Minute Dinners: Tomato Gazpacho

When summertime is in it’s fullness, I want to be any where other than my kitchen. With another week in the 100 degree temperatures, you’ll find me hibernating in the AC or near all things water. My eating goes to salads, smoothies, smoothie bowls, and that’s right, gazpachos. I like to keep things simple, light,…

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A Call to Dare Creatively

I posted about this recently on Instagram, but thought it was time to open the conversation a bit further. If you’re anything like me, there’s a few things you’re tired of seeing. On year one it was innovative, but on year six, it’s tired, overdone, and has been seen on Pinterest a million times. As…

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