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Easy Day Hikes: Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park

This summer has consisted of many road trips, both planned and unplanned. However, a highlight of the summer was a trip to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. I loved going here and sharing past family vacation memories with a new set of little ones. With a two and five year old in tow, we…

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Everything Muffins

You could also call these muffins the best muffins ever. Can you tell I like them? Inspired from Wild Eggs restaurants in my hometown of Louisville, KY, these muffins combine the savory flavors of an everything bagel with soft crumble of a muffin. Now thousands of miles away from my hometown, I headed into my…

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Create, Evolve, Or….

Create, Evolve, or die? It’s a drastic statement to make, but in my industry it couldn’t be more true. How do you stay current, relevant, and groundbreaking within an industry. How do you push past the status quo and embrace innovation and change? It’s a question I was recently posed by someone in a coffee…

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You are More Capable

Welcome to the middle of the week everyone! Whether you’ve been crushing your goals or simply finding yourself struggling to get by, it’s time to accept a few truths. You, dear one, are capable of far more than you think. Yes the road you’ve taken this far has been a precarious one. With twists and…

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