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Glisten & Grace

Advent: Embracing the Unexpected

At the end of every year, reflection comes into play. For many of us, the holiday season brings up memories. Family can surround and support or equally make us question. Singleness or married, there’s expectations with every relationship. Traveling at the holiday or simply finding ourselves with one day off and staying behind for work…

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A Healthier Holiday: Recipes + Tips

When it comes to eating over the holiday season, the average American gains 7 lbs from Thanksgiving to the New Year. Are there ways to still enjoy the festivities without gaining weight? There totally is! Today we wanted to share with you a few of our favorite recipes allowing for an amazing healthy holiday. (And…

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The Dude Gift Guide

Shopping for the men in your life somehow feels notoriously hard. I don’t know if it’s the classic styles that persist for men from year to year, or it’s simply that I’m not yet married, but shopping for gents seems to always be a challenge. This year, I’m focusing on quality items and few things…

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Gift Guides are Now Live!

If you’re anything like me, this December has flown by. Over the past week, we sat down and completed all of our Christmas shopping in an hour and a half. Whether you’re feeling on the ball or haven’t even started, these are some of our favorite gift guides for the holiday season. Over the next…

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