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Our Blogging Prop Capsule

This post contains affiliate links. We receive a commission of sale based upon purchase. All thoughts and opinions are our own. Thank you for continuing to support the brands that support Glisten and Grace. You’ve heard of a capsule wardrobe, but have you heard of a prop capsule? When it comes to running a blog…

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Celebrate Earth Day: 5 Simple Switches to Get Started

You’ve heard of #wastefreewednesday and #zerowaste July, but what does it truly look like to use less on a daily basis. Here’s a few staggering facts. There are 8 billion tons of plastic on the planet. The problem is daunting and it’s hard to know where to begin. While we are nowhere to living a…

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Lessons from Baguettes and Boulangeries

Yesterday, we shared the most recent city guide to add to our collection. Today, we’re choosing to pause. This week has been a difficult one for the city of Paris. Due to the time of our trip, we departed the city merely days before the fire happened at the spires of Notre Dame. It has…

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Glisten and Grace Goes to Paris – A City Guide

Paris in the Spring. There’s absolutely nothing like it. I’ve heard said it’s a once in a lifetime trip. However, after my first trip to Paris and a full five days doing all the things, I hope it will be one of many trips in my lifetime. Accomodations and Where to Stay. The Charles Hotel…

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9 Recipes for Your Easter Brunch

Can you believe we’re already to Easter weekend? It’s crazy to think about, but I absolutely adore hosting Easter brunch with family and friends. It’s the perfect slow start to the day after attending an early service. With it being brunch, I love the combination of both sweet and savory items. Keep reading for our…

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