Own Your Brand

If you’ve started your business, but feeling visually lost when it comes to marketing and promotion this course is for you.

Here’s what I know when it comes to branding. If you don’t know how to tell your story and craft your message, logos, become meaningless. As a graphic designer and branding expert, I’ve worked with clients for years developing strategy, stories, and stunning messages.

A story compels the imagination, invites a following, and leads to clients and sales.

This is why I created Own Your Brand.

This class covers:

  • Would you rather be a brand or business?
  • Branding 101: Defining the Terms
  • Owning Your Story
  • Story Lab
  • Discover Your Core Values
  • Writing Without Fear
  • You are Your Brand
  • DIY vs. Designer Approaches
  • What to Know When Working with a Designer
  • Building a Visual Moodboard
  • Additional Resources
  • More