10 Gifts for the Guy in Your Life

Somehow men seem to be notoriously challenging to shop for. After a few years, it’s easy to tire of purchasing button down shirts, sweater, and cologne. We hear you. This gift guide is full of things your guy would love and embraces the experiences he can’t wait to enjoy throughout the year. We are a firm believer in quantity over quality products and when it comes to the items you purchase for a guy in your life, this philosophy rings true every time.

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10 Gifts for the Guy in Your Life

1. A portable firepit: From car camping to the backyard, we love this idea. Engineered with longevity and durability in mind, we love this firepit from Solo Stove. Where we live, portability is always of utmost importance particularly as most live in rentals. Make sure bonfires are a staple with this timeless gift.

2. A great tent: What guy doesn’t love a night outdoors with brews, fires, and falling asleep underneath the stars. A great camping outing can be easily ruined by sub-par gear. (Take it from a girl that has a few too many close encounters with a bear.)

3. For the musician: If you’re guy is a musician who is pro or semi pro, the updated iRig 2 is perfect for expanding their board and receiver options by strictly plugging into an app on an iPad. With great versatility and use, it’s the perfect compliment to build out a traditional board at an affordable price point.

4. For the backwoods chef: If camping is your guy’s thing, make sure he’s fully equipped for his next adventure with this cast iron set from. Cast iron is the best carrier of heat when it comes to cooking over an open flame, bringing consistency and a solid barrier from the fire. We love this set for summers spent of car camping when you have a foodie in tow.

5. For the urban adventurer: If your guy is more prone to traversing the city and subway instead of a mountain or valley, we love the canvas reverse denim bags from Everlane. Our favorite part? It is a simple style with smart leather details, it flawlessly conceals any tech devices as he travels, keeping him safe and sound.

6. For the homebody: If your guy loves to decompress and spend his days at home, equip him with some phenomenal loungewear he wouldn’t necessarily purchase for himself. We love this hoodie or this cashmere hoodie (just in case he needs to leave the house) from Everlane.

7. For summer days by the lake: This is an extravagant gift, but is one we love. Our lakes in Northern California are frequently small and passable by kayak. Spend sun soaked days being active and paddling near the shore. (We attend events lakeside by doing this as well.) This is a great starter kayak for your guy to begin developing his kayaking skills without much invested.

8. For the guy obsessed with Chef’s Table:  We love using honey in dishes and this is the perfect gift for a foodie. Pair with beeswax and goat cheese for a impressive dish that will delight and surprise dinner guests with sophistication and elegance. We also love using honey atop yogurt bowls, baking, and as the sweetener in our coffee.

9. For your mixologist: We absolutely love this gift. Perfect for the jetsetter and a great stocking stuffer. This carry-on kit provides everything he’ll need for a hot toddy outside of ordering the mini bottle of whiskey, rum, or brandy. (And yes, it will make it through security.) Want to make your holiday begin early? Gift this one to your guy a bit before Christmas, right after you get to the gate.

10: For the coffee obsessed: Looking for the quality of an espresso machine, but don’t have $600 to drop? We are right there with you. From a temperature regulated pitcher to conical burr grinder, and an Aeropress, this setup is perfect and goes the long haul. Whether Americanos, latte macchiatos, or espressos are his drink of choice, this combination will deliver coffee shop quality coffee at home. (Not to mention your guy will have three things to unwrap which is always a win!)

Looking to invest in an experience?

Buy your guy tickets to his favorite game. Purchase gift cards to his favorite outfitters. Book him an hour-long massage to escape from the busyness of life. Gift him a moment to take the break from the ordinary and reclaim his wild. Because sometime it’s about risk, adventure, and finding the unchartered moments, creating memories he’ll never forget.

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