The 7 Books I Can’t Wait to Read This Summer

When it comes to summer, there’s something about the school year being over (and complete for that matter) where required reading goes away. For the days in the sun on the lakeshore, by the pool, or with a glass of wine during sunset over the mountains, the longer days of summer bring with them laid back vibes and more breathing room. There’s nothing like a perfect book.

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The 7 Books I Can’t Wait to Read This Summer

Profit First: This book has been on my list for a while. No matter how long I’ve been in business, I’ve always wondered if I’m thinking through finances correctly. Do I invest here? Is this expense worth it? What about pricing and expanding past my market? Profit First by Mike Michalowicz covers business finances with grace and ease.

Multipliers: I’ve heard stated, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” Whether it’s in the nonprofit sector, multinational companies, or small business alike, I can’t wait to talk about leadership through the lens of bringing the best to whatever team I might be leading at the time. Discussing a contrast between leadership styles, Liz Wiseman, explores the idea of the leaders she calls Multipliers. In this updated version of the Wall Street Journal Bestseller, she distills data from many leaders and uncovers the tools leaders use to bring their team’s innovation and highest capacities to the table.

What’s Gaby Cooking: If you’ve been around the blog for any period of time, you know that I absolutely love the recipes from food blogger of What’s Gaby Cooking. (The black bean sweet potato chili is my absolute rainy day favorite.) I’ll be cooking out of her cookbook this summer and can’t wait to make her chicken burgers from the book. They look amazing!! (Confession. I don’t ever buy a cookbook from someone until I’ve cooked a few recipes of their blog. Every one of Gaby’s thus far has been legit.)

Talking as Fast as I Can: Calling all Gilmore Girls (and honorary Gilmore Girls)!! If you’ve loved Lauren Graham in her signature series as you did Parenthood, make sure to go on ahead and pick up her biography in a humorous take on childhood stories, growing up, and the proverbial idea of making it.

Turning Pro: As a follow-up to the book the War of Art, Steven Pressfield addresses what it takes to make a full-time job and living from the very things you love. Turning Pro and The War of Art work in tandem, so make sure to pick up both. I read these on the regular and rotate them through as they are constant and necessary reminders as a creative.

Everybody Always: As a follow-up to the New York Times Bestseller, Goff dives a bit deeper and unlocks living in greater freedom of fear and worry. Just in case you’ve wanted to dine with dignitaries (an anecdote from his original book) and haven’t gotten there, make sure to pick up this one. 

The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising: Aahhh the world of Facebook ads and digital marketing. This book includes everything you need to know for setting up Facebook ad campaigns, seeing the best ROI, and spending your ad budget well. I’m all about learning more every day in my field. This is the logical next step for me and know it will serve my clients well.

What’s on your reading list this summer? Any fiction or non-fiction books that’s been on your list for a while?

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