Be Bold: In Honor of Women

Today marks International Women’s Day. While I’m not one to hop onto every National Day  celebration (I believe yesterday was National Pancake Day), this was one day I couldn’t let slip by. There have been men and women who have shaped my life over the years. But today more than anything, I choose to be bold as I look at the women who have woven a stunning tapestry of femininity, empowerment, and beautiful strength. Today I choose to celebrate them, their influence, and the lessons they showed me.

Boldness was taught at a young age in my house. Everyone in my home was a bit driven, loved life, and never stopped learning. Our home was run and organized by my mom. I often remember waking up to a vacuum at 2:00 AM as a small child. My mom wasn’t obsessed with a perfect house, moreso it was the only time she would have to clean the house. My mom showed me how to grow in my career, manage a house, and love your husband and kids through it all. She worked part-time and then spent her evenings shuttling us to various activities, served at church, and made sure there was a healthy dinner on the table every night. She was superwoman in my mind. As time has evolved and years have passed, my mom has been a source of strength. Now in her 60s, she has championed family, relationship, and connection, keeping her grown children loved, supported, and cared for across the country.

Then there were the leaders in my life. The ones who spoke into me and provided me a fresh perspective. These were the ones who went before and blazed a trail for me. Some have come close and we’ve had great relationships. Others are far across a room, but have provided strength and vision for what life could simply be. They’ve pioneered new strategies, shown me what faith could look like, and have balanced influence with being moms of four, traveling, and writing. They’ve shown me the purpose of finding my voice and have provided the inspiration to move forward. They’re my teachers in creative business and are constantly innovating and reframing the blogging industry.

To be bold, to speak up, to be seen, to have something to say, and to show up in the fullness of who you are. To be true to self, discovering the stunning nature of being a woman. If you’re a woman, embrace the power and gentleness of your strength today.

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