How to Care for Your Air Plant with Carter & Rose

You know the days when you’re mindlessly scrolling along your Instagram feed and then the product shows up. It’s simple, stunningly beautiful, and is intentional in design. Meet the ceramics from Carter and Rose. Based in Portland, their retail shop is filled with stunning ceramic planters. Made of clay, combinations of glazes, and filled with simple airplants, their pieces add the perfect element of life and minimalism to a room. Today we’re partnering with them as I retire my black thumb for a green one and teach you how to keep these pretty plants alive.

How to Care for Your Air Plant with Carter & Rose

The mistake most people make when it comes to air plants is that they only need air to survive. Not true. Follow the three simple steps below to have your airplants thrive!

Step one: Place near light.

This feels obvious, but I can’t tell you how many plants (succulents and cacti) that have died, simply by not giving them enough light. Based on the varietal of air plant, you will want to place it on a wall where it is bright and filled with indirect light most of the day. Can an airplant still live if it’s in a time place? Yes, it can. Use a fluorescent light all the time to give your plant the light it needs to photosynthesize. If you don’t have a fluorescent light available, purchase a special bulb (and it will thrive) in the cubicle in your office.

Step two: Be mindful.

When it comes to airplants, there is a timeless debate of misting with water versus soaking. I prefer the soaking method. Be aware of the climate of your space prior to watering. (I am known for overwatering plants.) Is it humid? Is it drier? How much light does your plant receive throughout the day? Knowing this will easily determine how often you should water.

Step three: Water and drain your plant.

Based on your answers to number 2, water your plant every one to two weeks. Soak in a shallow bowl of room temperature water for 5-10 minutes. Shake off excess water. Lay on a towel in a bright space and allow to dry. Return to your ceramic cone and enjoy the life on your wall. Mist once a week based on heat and conditions.

Step four: Remember the process.

It’s never that I desire to kill my plants. Rather, I find that it is easy to forget to water them. Set a reminder on your phone to remember to water your plants. I check all my plants water them every Sunday during weekly chores and water (my non-airplants) again on Thursday nights when I do my laundry.

Carter and Rose has a stunning collection of homewares and ceramics including these stunning wall planters. Make sure to check out their stunning online shop and give them a follow on Instagram.

This conversation was sponsored by Carter and Rose PDX. All thoughts and opinion are our own. Thank you for continuing to support the brands that support Glisten and Grace.


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