Create, Evolve, Or….

Create, Evolve, or die? It’s a drastic statement to make, but in my industry it couldn’t be more true. How do you stay current, relevant, and groundbreaking within an industry. How do you push past the status quo and embrace innovation and change?

It’s a question I was recently posed by someone in a coffee shop. Here’s a bit of my backstory:

I studied interactive media in college. At the time blogging hadn’t yet evolved to an industry. Pinterest and Instagram didn’t exist. The first generation of iPhones were just released. Twitter was used for personal connection. If you wanted images, you had to invest in a digital camera. So what did I learn in design school? I learned the timeless nature, principles of art and design, and how to craft a message. I learned systems for writing and choosing to be well-rounded regardless of the subject. I studied the psychology behind consumer choices, the use of color, and how to learn. I remember one class where we learned Flash. Yes, that’s correct flash. It was the basics of HTML and animation. I hated this class. In the class we were required to teach ourselves the software, while executing projects and portfolios. What did I learn in this class? It was a simple principle that has served me time and time again. In tech driven industry, you have to quickly learn, become an expert, and evolve. If not, you become obsolete and kill your business.

Since graduation 10 years ago, much in both myself and my business has changed.

Here are a 3 tips to create and keep evolving:

1. Embrace change and transition. Don’t let it rule your life or your emotions.

It’s easy to get caught up. Emotions are fleeting. In my world, algorithms, strategies, and ads are constantly changing. It’s easy to become frustrated and feeling constantly behind. Change and transition are not only inevitable in business, but also throughout life. However, what you can control is your response and resolve in life. With every day, choose optimism and embracing transition. It’s a lot more fun this way!

2. Dedicate time to self-development.

We spend time in morning with a routine focused on wellness, working out, and a bit of quiet as we enter the day. You’ve fed your body and soul what it needs, but what about your mind? Spend money on books, e-courses, or a conference for continuing education. Do a bit of research, and push yourself to grow in new areas. Maybe you’ve worked in a niche industry for a while and see a friend or fellow member of a community crushing it. Be willing to ask questions, learn what they’re doing, and seek the wise counsel of others who have differing strengths than yourself.

This summer, I’m diving into resources that will strengthen growth areas and expand my education. I offer business consulting as a service and want to stay on top of the current landscape. When I have a free evening, I shut off the TV, go for a walk, and choose to read. It’s a great way to grow my business, expertise, and skillset, offering the best solutions to my clientele.

3. Try new things to yield different results.

As someone who focuses on results in marketing, I focus on the metrics and results. Earlier this summer, I was finding that my same strategies were no longer working. It was time to change things and mix it up. If you’ve created a system for your business that isn’t working or yielding results, is it time to try something different? What can you learn from your failure and choose to fail forward? How can your reach your ideal customer, tell a better story, and increase your profit? What was working on platforms 3 years ago, no longer works. How can you increase your reach and find those who are ready for your services? It’s my goal to be where my ideal customer is hanging out. I need to know who they are, where they spend their money, what they value, and how to target find these individuals.

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