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For many of us it has been a really long time since we have dreamed any dreams. Instead, we find ourselves in the days full of routine and seemingly mundane moments. I often find myself daydreaming and then feel that I must reel it in because daydreaming has nothing to do with reality, responsibility, or the to-do lists that fill my life. Do you remember when you were asked in elementary school, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Do you remember what you said? I know my answers were as varied as the next child from year to year. As you sat in class you heard the big dreams of your classmates and wondered if it could be true. We all heard rockstar, astronaut, teacher, doctor, artist, and my personal favorite, marine biologist. But I always remember the response of my teacher. She acted as if they were the most possible dreams in the world. I ask you today, what if someone permitted you to dream again? Those big crazy dreams that take an incredible amount of courage to even speak out, the ones that are so deeply stuck inside of you it feels as if they have been corked up since you were a small child. I recently paused and took a class that was all about dreams. It spoke about the dreams planted within my heart and how to put action to them. I found that I have come alive more than in the previous months, all because I was permitted to actually write down my dreams and be supported in them by those around me. Now as I say this, I know it sounds a bit, nuts. But for many of us, our dreams are these little pieces of our heart that we’re scared to even show to others. It’s a really big deal to be vulnerable with ourselves and others, and we know as soon as we dream the “what ifs” creep in. But may I remind you of this. All dreams may not happen now and may not happen later. What if there is incredible purpose just in the act of dreaming? As we dream we don’t entertain failure as an option. For most of us, fear of failure is probably what has kept us from dreaming to begin with. It’s time to cross that chicken line and begin dreaming again!

Here are a few things you can do to dream again.

Write them down.

Set the timer for an hour. Write down the various dreams you have. Try to make a list of 50-150 dreams. These can fall into a number of different categories. They could include your physical, spiritual, legacy, career, or emotional dreams.

Think for a bit.

Look over the list. Is there a specific dream that pops out at you? Is there a dream that you’ve been longing to do for years and haven’t ever put action to?

Put plans in place.

What will it take to put your dreams into reality? My friend those are action-steps and clearly defined goals. It’s time to make one concise goal based upon the dream you’ve selected. Here are some things to keep in mind as you make your goal.

  • Is it concise? Can you pinpoint exactly what you’re trying to accomplish?
  • Is it quantifiable? Can you determine whether or not you’ve achieved or made progress on your goal?
  • Is this achievable? Do you have the financial resources, time, or is this something you can achieve on your own?

Find a dreaming buddy.

I found that this was the difference between actually achieving my dreams and just writing them out. When I have someone to bounce my ideas off of, that is encouraging, and I’m accountable to for achieving my goals, I find a secret weapon-motivation. As you’re looking for this buddy, it could be a significant other, a friend, or even a stranger who has already achieved your dream. Find someone you can be comfortable and vulnerable with, that is for your dream, and enjoys collaborating with other to see them succeed.

When you fulfill your dreams-celebrate!

I always find that I’m a bit extra motivated in achieving my goals when there’s an extra reward other than achieving the goal itself. For example, when I decided I was going to launch this blog (a dream I’ve had for two years) I gave myself 30 days to do the brand/content strategy, visual identity, and launching the website, I knew I would need a moment to relax, celebrate, and look back at all that I had accomplished. I’ve planned to have a girl’s night out to celebrate with friends I’ve made along the way and those that have supported me.

Dream on!

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