Endless Summer: A New Season

A new season. After three years of school in Northern California, this season comes to a close. Last night I walked across the stage for the last time. A moment of celebration and closure, I now have the freedom to develop, to rest, and to carry on with my life. The question that many have on the horizon, is a simple question of “What’s next?” As this question has been asked, my answers have often be filled with jokes. “I’ll sleep,” “Go on dates with something other than my laptop,” or “I’ll return back to the gym.” (Can you tell I sometimes deflect with humor?) However, I know my life has been transformed by the past three years and can’t wait to discover what the next steps will look like.

More than anything, I’m ready for summer. A time to cultivate deeper relationships. Where early morning runs and taking off an afternoon to head for a dip in the lake. Where working to live becomes a slower norm as days become longer and people are more freed up to connect. Coffee sodas by the pool and grilling by sunset. It isn’t by any means perfect, but offers a welcome reprieve and slower pace of life.

Endless Summer: A New Season

Here’s this year’s summer bucket list:

– days on the lake

– road trips

– family camp outs

– bonfires on the beach

– Trip to Yosemite

– Trip to Big Sur

– kayaking once a week

– website relaunch

– Launch of shop and two courses

– Investing deeply in relationships and community

– Running 3x/week

– To bring the best experience to clients possible

– On-board employees as client base broadens

– Sleep 8 hours a night

– Do something once a day that scares me and moves me past my comfort zone.


What about you? What’s on your summer bucket list?

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below.



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