Favorite Things #1: Dreams

I once thought dreaming was only for the night time or the childlike of heart. It was the moments of play and whimsy that were permitted for someone else. As I child I could quickly get caught up. I would spend hours playing with dolls, making crafts, and well, doing a whole lot of something that led to something else. Days were spent on swing sets. Then as I grew older something changed. Dreams were exchanged for the practical. Play was replaced by to-do lists and high expectations. From the age of 14, I knew where I was going. I ran fast and hard. With a few goals in mind, I moved full speed ahead. A love of creativity and art evolved to projects and deadlines. Fun was replaced by harsh critiques.

Somewhere along the way- dreaming became foreign.

It was ideal and meant for the hippy types. Superfluous and a waste of time. Didn’t they know? Life was meant for efficiency, productivity, and creativity that did something. After the dreams turned into goals and had crushing defeats, I made a simple decision.

In order to avoid pain, I simply decided to stop dreaming.

“Stop? Why would you stop dreaming?” I heard your inner dialogue right now. After building my life for years and with hundred of thousands of dollars of investment, failure wasn’t only failure. At the time, it was a crushing defeat. I didn’t have the inner strength to look past it. I looked around and most others had decided to do the same. It was easier to settle for the status quo and check in and out of a middle class job than move forward. I was surrounded by other who remembered dreams as the faintest memory of life.

But then, the Dreamer came calling.

With a violent force and fierce call, I was reminded a different life, an abundant one. I was reminded of the joy of creativity, of art, and of adventure. I was reminded that I was built to be a pioneer and a reformer. I was reminded that I wasn’t the only one fighting for dreams and that ideation was a love language. My excellence was meant for more than myself and pretty images. I started to dream again. I cried all the pain out and learned to hold them loosely. They might only meet a page and even still they might transform an industry. I found beauty in dreams as living and evolving things. Sometimes they have a short cycle and season. Still there are moments where they fly, are released, and go further than you could ever image.

Why do I write this?

Because I want you to know behind this space- there’s courage, a ridiculous of hard work, and someone who champions the dreams of others. Even within the studio, I absolutely cherish working with clients and seeing their dreams become a reality. I’m about more than strategy and making boxes look pretty. (Business cards, talk decks, books, and even websites, can be simply reduced to boxes.) Why do I love what I do? I get to see others dreams come alive. With a great strategy and tools in place, their business gets to prosper. We see results. Revenue increases, they are able to get portions of their life back, and hearts are awakened as, they too, realize dreams come true.

Are you ready to see your dreams awakened? Ready to start turning your passion into profit? Contact us for next steps and let’s make it happen together!






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