Fighting Wanderlust


On this Monday, the skies are gray and filled with rain. My heart is longing a bit more warmth and some sunshine. Every few months, I have cravings. They’re bad and deep. Looking at the Instagram accounts of makers and doers, the hopeful musings of wanderers, my heart longs for travel and adventure. Luckily next month, I’ll be working all over the country, fighting wanderlust. In the meantime, I’ll be looking at my travel list with great expectation, as long hours will ensue this month to work ahead and keep great content coming your way on the blog. From my bluegrass home to LA, Venice Beach, and Yosemite, the month of March will be packed with many adventures.

1) Yosemite: I’ll be going on this adventure with a college roommate from back east. Always one that is open for adventures and a love of the outdoors, this is one trip that will be incredible. I haven’t been to Yosemite for over 15 years, so I’m excited to revisit this spot of heaven on earth. I’m hoping to find some new hikes, excellent shots, and meet a few new friends in hostels.

2) Venice Beach: I’ll be heading here mid-March on a family vacation. It’s been a while since I’ve been in SoCal and am looking forward to the change of pace in the coastal offshoot of Orange County.

3) San Diego: I can’t wait to head to San Diego. I lived here one summer and my heart is incredibly happy to revisit this old stomping ground. I’m hoping to spend a bit more time enjoying some hikes on the cliffs of La Jolla.

4) The Sequoias and Kings Canyon: This will be another stop on the college roommate road trip. I love this National Park and all that it has to offer. There’s something surreal and incredibly reverent about standing in front of trees that expand farther than your eyes can behold, aging centuries of time.

5) Kentucky: At the beginning of March, I’ll be heading back to Kentucky for a friend’s wedding. It seems surreal as I was just there in January, but am looking forward to the visit. If the weather is warm enough, I’m hoping to make it to the Red River Gorge for some beautiful spring views and hikes.

If you’re looking for some travel inspiration check out my (and a few friends) board on Pinterest.

What are some of the places on your travel list this year?

Do you have any favorite spots in SoCal? Favorite hikes in Yosemite, The Sequoias, Kings Canyon?

Images : Yosemite | Downtown Venice Beach | Venice Beach | Sequoias | San Diego

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