Getting Real: A Year Ago Today

Today marks a year. It’s been a crazy year since I’ve moved to Redding, California. It been one of ups and downs, but more than anything it’s been incredible. For some of you, you know the backstory, the story behind the story of how I came to Redding. For others of you this is a stretch. I typically keep things around here light and fun…not sharing much personal on the blog, because, well..that’s easy and it’s safe. This post is not for the timid, but rather for the brave. Consider yourself warned and may you be inspired by a bit of more of my story.

A year ago today. My heart was in a crazy place. You see. I knew things were changing and shifting in my spirit. For four months I had been searching for something new. I had an option to move back in with my college roommate, some new great opportunities, and a new city. It was exciting. It was normal. It was safe. One the other hand. There was one of risk. It was an option that while well calculated, seemed a bit unruly, wild, and unnecessary. I had the opportunity to move to the place that dreams were made of. Literally. I could move (and return) to the state that my heart loved 7 years later. I could join and become apart of the church I always wanted, join the movement I always received from, and have strong community in my life again. It would cost money. I would be living in a house with 9, yes 9 girls. I went broke earlier in the year and California taxes were more money, the cost of living was high, and I would just sit and receive. It would mean leaving a ministry and a life behind that I loved. None of this made sense on paper. There was risk. Would it be worth it?

When the safe option became less appealing, I didn’t know what to do. Opportunities dropped. I had prepared. I had a place to live set up. I had guaranteed community and a friend of 9 years to support me, live with, and help me rebuild. My career seemed unknown and aimless. But it was safe…

What was a girl to do? With friends and family out of town, I decided to set up a massive spreadsheet in Excel. I knew something had to give. As the logical person that I am, I set to pushing numbers. Would moving to California ever be doable? I was at a standstill. Time was coming down to the wire. I had to make a choice.

What did I do? I gave God 48 hours to move.

That’s right. I know it sounds crazy. But it’s real and true. In my faith, I believe God moves on my behalf and I needed him to respond. Fast. I was desperate for breakthrough, a new season, and was pulling my next season in. I told him within 48 hours, you will provide me housing and a raise. If you do, I will move to Redding, CA. Just like that. I shut my computer and went and fell asleep in my hammock outside. 24 hours later, both a raise and housing were set up. When I found out about my housing approval, I was with a friend at her children’s soccer games. She looked at me with a smile and said, “I couldn’t imagine a more perfect time for a fresh start.” It was all the confirmation needed. 6 days later I had sold all of my stuff, said my goodbyes, packed up my car for transport, and was flying to a town I had never been to. That was a year ago today.

Fast forward to now. Redding, you’ve been good and full of surprises. I didn’t know I could feel so at home in a place that once seemed so foreign. You’ve shown me culture, ways I can contribute to this economy, places to dream again, risk and dare great exploits, and frolic among the mountains. You’ve forced me to grow, to reach out, and to receive rather than do for others. I’ve learned a lot and start this year with more unexpected surprises, some process and transition, but most importantly with eager expectation for what the year has in store. There’s hope and that’s a really good thing.

And the big announcement….I will be going back to school!!! After months of prayer, budgets, and pondering, I’ve decided to attend Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry program. I’m excited to start this process and see where it takes me. More than anything, this year, I’m focused on personal growth, relational health, and learning how to respond to others out of a safe, well-seated, and pure heart. It’s process and one I’m always discovering. I long to love others radically well and to grow in my faith. This seemed like the logical next step and I start next week. Now to find that perfect lunchbox…. 

Happy weekend everyone! I’ll be enjoying my last one before the school year begins!

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