Giant Tissue Paper Flowers

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I love the visual effect of these flowers and it only cost me $2 to make 12! We used these to add a festive touch to are cocktail party. Initially I was on the fence about using white. Would it feel too bridal? However, the white tissue bounced back the surrounding light from the strung Christmas lights, making it a great color choice. This tutorial is for making flowers that are 20” in diameter. I also made smaller flowers to play with scale. My flowers were 20” and 10” in diameter. With 2 packs of tissue paper, I was able to create 4 large and 8 small flowers.

Read on for the full tutorial!


  • -8 sheets of tissue paper, measuring 20” wide
  • -1 ft of white string
  • -Scissors


Lay flat 8 pieces of tissue. [Tip: If the tissue has too many wrinkles to lay flat, use a cool iron to remove creases.]

accordion fold, DIY, tissue paper flowersCreate an accordion fold with 1 inch wide.

diy, paper flowers, fall cocktail partyUse your scissors to round the corners.

Now take your string and tie in a knot at the midpoint on the folded tissue.

diy, tissue paper flower, fall cocktail partySpread out one side of the accordion fold and gently pull to the center. Proceed through the 8 layers of tissue and both sides of the flower.


For the party: Secure to line in whatever arrangement you like. Trim off excess string once flowers are secured.

diy, fall cocktail party

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