Gift Guide for Littles

When it comes to shopping for little ones, we have a bit of experience. Life as an aunt is by far one of my favorite parts of life. With 8 nieces and nephews (2 biological, 6 as honorary title), I have been able to love and watch little ones grow and thrive throughout the years. This gift guide was inspired by my time with them- the trips adventuring in the woods, going and playing in the snow, and creating the perfect tea party. It’s apart of life, that I don’t often talk about, but absolutely adore.

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For babes

Sofie the giraffe

Sofie is popular and for good reason. Made with a durable and BPA free plastic, this toy helps your baby during teething and is adorable for motor skills and play. Both of my nieces had their own Sofie and book sets. It was a favorite and staple in the diaper bag for years.

Wooden teething toy

Keeping things a bit more natural, these teething toys are both beautiful and can quickly be wiped off. With a variety of textures on the beads, it will soothe your little one while keeping them occupied.

Gathre changing matt

While this is definitely a gift for mom and dad, it’s an amazing one. It’s something I gift to many friends as soon as they have a baby and it’s a hit. Made with a sealed and wipeable leather material, it’s the most compact changing mat you’ll find on the market and you can keep it clean. With parents we know how important that can be and all the random spaces changing can happen. It’s our top pick for diaper bags.

Stuffed animal from Gund

Notoriously soft, the animals from Gund are sweet and will become their favorite. Whether it’s tummy time on the floor or tickles on the couch as little ones, these animals are perfect for moments of play and will grow with them as they age.

For play

Magnetic tiles
We love these shapes. Made with magnets on the edges and bright colors, they quickly attach to one another and allow kids to build, engineer, and rebuild over and over again. These are perfect for preschoolers as they learn shapes and explore 3D forms, scale, and engineering ideas.

Play Tent
From slumber parties, to reading snuggles, playing house, camping, and pretend, we love these play tents. In the past we DIYed one for our niece; however, this is a great quick gift and can be personalized for the child with pom pom balls and a sweet chalkboard sign. It will grow with them through the years as the develop and can remain a cozy spot in their room.

Osmo Kit
Depending on the child, these kits are new to market and couple tech with creativity. Allowing kids to learn basic animation they pair with tablets and apps to play games and create past the norm. Each kit offers something slightly different and love this gift for elementary age children.

Lego Gadgets Kit
Moving past the complex lego projects of the past, this kit provides children the opportunity to learn and engineer 11 simple machines. For the child who loves legos, and can’t get enough of figuring out how things work, this gift is perfect.

For creativity

Color Wonder Paint Set
Do you have a budding artist but long to keep things mess free? We discovered this color wonder paint set last year and it has been a hit for our nieces. (We ordered refills for them this year.) Using light on a battery operated brush and a clear gel paint, the light activates the color of the gel once it reaches the paper. The best part? The gel, if hitting a surface other than paper, dries and rubs off without any effort.

Kids Made Modern Studio Box
For older children, nurture their creative hearts by gifting an art studio in a box. As a child, I remember receiving a similar gift. I spent hours at the table creating, drawing, and painting. This year, my oldest niece is getting this guy and our holiday will be spent enjoying creating together, page by page.

For travel

Kindle Fire with Jelly Case
When it comes to travel, tablets with children can make airport delays, time sitting still, and international travel far, far easier on mom and dad. These tablets with jelly cases make them childproof (and have discounts for multiple children). As an added bonus, there are amazing games and shows available for Amazon Prime holders, allowing tablets to be fully loaded prior to boarding a plane.

On the Go Water Books
We love these books for travel and road trips. Made by a favorite Melissa and Doug, a simple water pen activates the color on the books. Once a page dries out or is wiped off, it’s ready to reuse again. With sweet illustrations, your child’s inner artist will stay occupied in the back seat. (These are amazing stocking stuffers as well.)

Color Wonder Markers
This gift has saved many a meal out and lived in diaper bags for years. Whether you purchase the blank pads of paper or coloring books, the Color Wonder line allows young children the gift of creativity without the need of constant supervision. (Saying goodbye to the fear of markers all over white walls.)

Boho Backpacks
If your littles are in preschool or older, we love packing up a backpack filled with toys, clothes, a water bottle, and snacks for their trip. By making it fun and an exciting part of the trip, my nieces love carrying these backpacks and I picked these up for a national park trip this summer in red. Needless to say they come highly recommended by a 3 and 6 year old, holding up to the trails of Yosemite.

Built with durability and a slim profile in mind, these headphones are perfectly paired with tablets for travel. If you are buying for multiple children, we recommend getting different colors for differentiation. These provide a bit of insulation and soundproofing without a huge investment.

What is on your little ones wish list?

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