Hello 29. My Last Year in My Twenties

There’s something about turning 29. No longer in my early twenties, I’m in my late twenties, and almost my thirties. At one point in life, I thought turning thirty was shocking and far off. Now, it is just on the horizon.  With hindsight I look back on the past decade and am amazed. I’ve lived in California, Texas, and Kentucky. I’ve completed internships in St. Croix, SoCal, Denver, and Indiana. I’ve taken a team to Estonia and lived in the tension of ever-shifting roles. Pastor, designer, blogger, and student. I’ve worn multiple hats and have found significance and purpose in various responsibilities. Now that I am on this side of my twenties, I must admit they have been some of the most challenging and formative years I’ve known. I have a strong and cemented sense of self, who I am, what I love to do, and I am excited to see how it is going to evolve in the forthcoming years.

As I enter the last year of my 20s, there is beauty, grace, and an ease that comes as I embark on the next decade. Here are a few lessons, I’ve learned in life thus far.

Love will not betray you. It is always worth the risk and is never wasted.
Creativity is meant to be explored and discovered. It’s wild and free.
Life isn’t meant to be solely captured, but experienced.
You are accepted, loved, and belong.
There are moments of life for the Internet. There are other moments that are meant for connection.
Mystery is just as wild and beautiful as pat answers.
Contentment comes through seasons of life and connection, not things.
Travel widens perspective. Ways of life, food, and culture. Find the cobblestone streets and century old buildings.
Adventure is necessary to the soul. We were made for it.
Be okay with the fullness of emotion. Validate, but don’t chose to let it control you.
Don’t harbor resentment or unforgiveness. Let it go and you will go far.
Get a vision for community. Once you find it, cherish it, and nurture it. Love until it hurts and then chose to love again.
Regardless of what life throws at you, keep creating, daring, and pioneering.
Transformation and restoration is stunningly beautiful.
 Let it captivate your heart and imagination.
Respect influence and inspiration. Be willing to move what has been done before and blaze a fresh trail.
Speak from your heart, not your resume.
Choose to connect with others and to listen attentively. It will make you a great confidant, friend, and creative.
Host other’s hearts well.

Goals for my 29th year?
– This year, my business has grown and includes a new employee. It’s time to entire a new phase and increase capacity.
– Travel or find an adventure once a month. 12 adventures, some close, some far. First stop? Portland.
– Most of my life- I’ve found ways to bridge divides, living in tension, and the beauty of paradox. This year, it’s time for a singular focus and running after what I truly desire.
– Bringing back self-care. I love people, prayer, and working out. It’s time to bring back Pilates and take better care of my body.
– Find forever friends. The decade of my 20s have brought change throughout community, seasons, and locations. I’m ready to find the ones who will journey with me throughout the years.

While not huge or lengthy goals, they’re simple and attainable. I’m excited for the last year of my 20s and what the year holds. Thank you for being with me along the journey and all the good things 2017 brings.

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