I am Perfect

Perfection. It’s something I have struggled with for years. I have looked at others and played the comparison game for far, far too long. Last night I found myself in community and heard these words, “You are perfect. Just where you are. Right now.”

These words became the balm to my soul, rushing like a tidal wave, and crashed into the messy nuances of my heart. In a day where I had risked being vulnerable and didn’t know if it was going to pay off, when my to-do list was far longer than the hours in the day, and when my home was an absolute mess, I heard,  “I am perfect and I am enough.” Waves of relief washed over my soul and I finally felt freedom in a greater measure than what I had known before.

Maybe your days have been similar this week? In the middle of the grit, the beauty, the criticism, the moments when your kid has thrown a temper tantrum in the middle of Target, or it seems that your grace is running dry, please hear my friend, right now where you are is exactly where you are supposed to be. It is indeed perfect timing. It may not seem perfect. It may seem messy and dirty, but you are enough and perfect just as you are. You can throw the measuring stick aside and know that you are capable to make it through your day. Raw, vulnerable, and full of beauty just right where you are.

Your adventurous spirit and heart is lovely. You are worth the life you are wanting, the dreams that have been placed deep within. You are more than the way you parent, the way you don’t parent, whether your life mirrors the latest trends or whether you choose deliberate simplicity in your life, your style, and your money. You are enough whether your Instagram feed is gorgeous or whether it is feels incredibly common.

You are perfect and you are enough. May you walk in confidence today, knowing whatever you put out there you are risking, creating, and living radically with purpose. Whatever your story is, this is perfect and enough.



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