Introducing Designer Resolutions: A Series

With every trade there are the things we laugh, cry, and find to be ironic within a field. As a brand and web designer this is no different. In honor of both my career choice and craft this series was born. Every few weeks a new one will be introduced on Instagram where you can follow along here.

Why passion projects and this series?

As I shared in a recent post, this year I’m longing to focus on growth and return to my roots as a creative. The blogging journey over the past 5 years has been a wild ride and I knew I needed to journey back to where it all started. My heart longs to create without the purpose of production. For me, this simply means that one night a week I’m choosing to focus on illustration and hand lettering. More than anything, I long to grow and advance in my craft. Knowing that I wanted my typography and hand lettering to have focus, this series is ironic and invites play in an industry that is well, quite serious. As designers we can get a bad rap. Drinking our fancy lattes, wearing black, and being obnoxiously opinionated when seeing others marketing campaigns, everything can feel detailed, calculated, and exacting in every way. Through this series, while beautiful and linear will invite a bit of fun (and humor) back into our world.

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