Introducing WORK

Today I’m beyond excited to share with you a recent project and extension of my business on a local level. With summer, it means more time and working from home for at least 8 hours a day. While great in theory, I found that my hours were less productive working from home and I needed a change. With a fellow friend and new business partner in hand (Sidney Morgan, wedding photographer and entrepreneur), we developed more than an office space, but a beautiful studio and co-working space for creatives.

Keep reading for our the full story about this latest venture in business after the jump!

Why the name WORK?

We loved the simplicity of the name, but also loved the play on words. How often do people state, “I’m going to work.” It was clever, added a bit of fun, and kept things concise. Also, we wanted to let people know that the creative heartbeat in Redding was legit and a huge community we love, are apart of, and wanted to support. Work only seemed appropriate, because we take our craft and this community seriously.

What’s the story behind WORK?

We started out with a raw idea. It was simple enough. We needed office space and a stronger local presence for our businesses. What evolved was a gorgeous place that we love and a space for creativity flourish. We’re excited to build a stronger creative community in Redding, a place where people can gather, and bring something valuable to contribute. A place where people can dream and make things happen together.

When I was in university, one of my favorite parts of projects were the critiques and the time spent in lab. You got to create next to your friend, seeing their take on the project, but came to appreciate a different creative process unfold beside you. The culture we’re building is collaborative, innovative, where everyone can bring something to the table.

Tell us about the design.

Through the intentional use of open space and minimal design, WORK was built with a creative culture and collaborations in mind. We have multiple spaces for various needs. My favorite spot? A 8 foot conference table with black matte pendants and a 8 foot whiteboard. Paired with mismatched Eames chairs, it makes for a great place for off-site meetings, lunch breaks, or collaborations.  You’ll hear more about the design process (graphic and interior) in posts later this week.

What made us take the jump?

It’s not every day you take on an additional business. While some thought we woke up and become overly zealous, this was a calculated decision. More than anything we weighed our options, accessed risks, and budgeted out startup costs. With keeping our initial investment low, we knew it was a space we couldn’t pass up. (We loved the previous owner and the space he put together, so seeing the potential was easy.) Because our relationship as business partners is strong and our work ethic is similar, when it has come to challenging decisions or pressing through late and long hours, it has made the past three weeks rather seamless. Sometimes you just have to jump.

How does WORK, well, work?

We’re happy you asked. With multiple levels of membership, creatives can come for the day, for a month, or make it a permanent home for your business.  Check out for all the details on how you can join us. Regardless the level of membership, we’ll have Scout pour over coffee, free printing, and wifi to ready for you. Throughout the month, we’ll be hosting creative meetups, pop-up shops, and workshops open to the community. Members will have exclusive invites and first privileges to the venue space.

Do you live locally? Come check out the space at our launch party on Saturday evening.
From 7-10 PM, 1327 Tehama Street and make sure to follow us on Instagram.


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