It’s Okay If You Can’t Do It All

Today is a day that is incredibly full. One that has started early, is filled with lists, and multiple tasks to accomplish. Normally on days like today, I would feel that the walls are crashing in on me, I would be overly hard on myself, placing multiple deadlines and checkpoints throughout today.

However, this Thursday is going to be different. Today I’m making a choice to seek out balance, gentleness, and grace for myself. I will get things done, but my approach will be different. I will enjoy creating things and be kind to myself at the same time. Things will get done and they may take a bit longer than expected. But it is okay. If there’s a few items left on my to-do list at the end of the day, that’s ok too.

Maybe you have a day like mine today. Maybe you have groceries to pick up, loads of laundry to do, and a child’s school year to wrap up. Maybe your home office or studio is an absolute wreck and your morning has consisted of answering far more emails than you would desire. Maybe you’ve already looked at everyone else’s Instagram feeds this morning and are feeling that you need to up your creative game.

Dear ones, today may I remind you that it’s okay if you can’t do it all. Love yourself in this moment. In this season.

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