The Makeover Series: Command Center


The command center. Considered the hub of the home, it’s the perfect little space to organize schedules, look up recipes, sort mail, and pay bills. While a good idea, it can frequently become disorganized and cluttered. Some of the things I like about the space. This command center is great to have. It functions as a business/printing space for most of the students in the home and is the place we typically come to when paying the bills. Everything else about this space could use some help. It’s lacking personality, feels overly cramped, and is a mismatch of styles, tastes, and decor.

Continuing with notes of blues, corals, mustard, and white, the command center will be updated and find cohesion with the rest of the updates. As you’ll notice, these plum walls just won’t go away. Hopefully I’ll be able to repaint them, bringing fresh life and brightness to the space.

In any office space, my goal is to have deliberate simplicity, where form and function meet. Hoping to keep the desk space clear, we’ll be going vertical for additional storage and organization.

The Project List

  • DIY a wall organizer
  • Reframe dry erase board, calendar, and bulletin board to feel cohesive. Hang in a gallery style.
  • Add new knobs to update desk
  • Repaint and reupholster desk chair
  • Find desk accessories that blend form and function

What are some of your office essentials?


Images : Poppytalk | DesignSponge | Martha Stewart | Anma Gritt | Anthropologie

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