Mixology: Peach Margarita

With this new column, I’m excited to share one of my favorite pairings in life. A great drink with some excellent music. Whether it’s relaxing poolside, at one of my favorite evening spots, or on the couch with some friends, there’s nothing quite like a tasty cold drink and some wonderful tunes to usher in the weekend. In this column, I’ll provide one of my favorite cocktail recipes with a link to a song to play while making, having a great dance party, and and relaxing.

Keep on reading for the full recipe!

Fresh Peach Margaritas

yields: 1 pitcher, 8-10 drinks


  • 12 yellow peaches, pitted and peeled
  • 4 oz Patron orange liqueur
  • Juice of 10 limes, or 10 oz margarita mix
  • 15 oz silver or gold tequilia
  • 1 gallon of ice
  • salt or sugar to rim
  • limes for garnish (optional)


First start by pitting and peeling peaches. Puree in blender. Add peach puree to large pitcher. Add orange liqueur, lime juice (or margarita mix), and tequila. If you use lime juice add 8 T of simple syrup to cut the tartness of the lime. Add ice and stir. Place in fridge at 3 hours prior to serving.

To serve: Wet the rims of glasses using water in a shallow dish. Dip in sugar or salt to taste. Add lime or slice of peach to garnish. Fill 1/2 full with ice. Pour peach margarita in.

Sip, click, and enjoy!

Click here for the perfect music pairing, Lucky by Jason Mraz.

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