When the Mountains Meet Amber and Fog Playlist

It seems as if life has been on repeat as of late. More than the proverbial groundhog day, I’m finding myself in moments and days where I take a deep breath and dive in, knowing that as long as I take it day-by-day, things will come in time. While it seems exaggerated at a point, there’s huge value for living in the present and becoming aware. Around here, we’ve had a few days filled with crisp mornings, fresh mountain air, and the trees are beginning to turn the perfect shade of amber. It is the first year I’ve been in NorCal where it truly feels like my favorite season. In honor of this I’m sharing 5 albums perfect for these days. Bring on the weekend, full of dinner parties, cooking for friends, and gathering around the common table.

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01 | Georgica Pond by Johnnyswim
02 | 22, Million by Bon Iver
03 | Live at the Music Hall by Phosphorescent
04 | Bare Bones EP by The Civil Wars
05 | Penny and Arrow on Audiotree Live by Penny and Arrow

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