Natural Beauty: Winter Remedies

When it comes skin and hair during the winter, it can be tough. With extreme weather patterns, our NorCal climate is arid, dry, and very cold. When we get weather patterns it stays put for a months at a time. I was raised in the Ohio River Valley, which is known for it’s high humidity. My hair and skin love the humidity the valley offered. It has been three years since the move and my skin is finally starting to embrace the climate. Balancing breakouts, dryness, and the cracking the cold air often brings, I’ve been on the search for natural beauty products that keep my skin and hair looking great during the winter months. These are products I have come to swear buy and are used in my daily beauty routine.

Keep reading for five of my favorite products after the jump!

L’occitane hand cream
Say farewell to cracked and dry hands. Touch is a big thing in our environment and the need for moisture is a big thing. Nothing is worse than dry or less than soft hands. From the fields of France, this rich hand cream boasts a beautiful smell of lavender fields.

Scalp Benefits Balancing Shampoo and Conditioner from Aveda
Keeping a scalp balanced is incredibly important. Say goodbye to pesky flakes with this shampoo and conditioner combo. With a great smell of sage and use of burdock root, it keeps hair healthy and battles split ends.

Fresh Black Tea Anti-aging Mask, Eye Serum, and Nighttime Moisturizer
I was introduced to this line recently and love using these products. These products are used in my nightly routine. Using kombucha the fermented black tea softens, smooths, and restores the youthful glow to skin.

Purity Facial Cleanser from Philosophy

With a soft milky base, this gentle cleanser removes makeup while restoring the essential oils as it cleanses. Leaving skin soft and dewy with a light moisturizer. I use it in the mornings and evenings to cleanse my skin.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Intensive Lip Balm

Chapped and cracked lips are a common problem when it comes to the winter months. I’ve gotten into the bad practice of licking my lips when they lapse moisture, rather than applying the necessary chapstick. Insert this intensive lip balm.

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