New in Portfolio: Kalos Consulting Training Manual

Recruitment firm Kalos Consulting was looking for a streamlined and stunning approach to a training manual. Marrying a corporate aesthetic and tech focus (their company specializes in recruitment for FileMaker and developers), we brought Kalos a stunning welcoming package with all the essentials new employees would need as they started their company.

The experience

Focusing on the tangibility of print and the unboxing experience, each element of this kit had a strong focus on excellence, reference the core value of the company. Knowing each recipient of this box would be apart of a remote team, the goal was to express value and care for new employees creating moments of generosity and excitement.

The design

Keeping a strong palette of green and orange, offset by neutrals, the results are stunning. Within the training manual, photography is offset by a clean and minimal grid. Through the use of repeated icons outlining the recruiting process, employees are able to visually reference page by page, adding the learning functionality through the content. To break up blocks of text, pull quotes are utilized and paired with full quote pages, sectioning off the manual throughout. On the back of the manual is a simple hand written manifesto, providing a final note of the ethos of the company.

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