New Work In Portfolio: Reach Orphans Worldwide

“Toothpaste is peddled with far more sophistication than the life-saving work of aid groups. -Nicholas Kristoff , NY times”

What if a charity could be branded with the same amount of excellence as a major corporation? What if social media could be the primary form of community and connection, bringing a worthy cause to thousands’ fingertips? This was the question posed by Reach Orphans Worldwide and one we continually reinvent as we share the work created for them. We were hired for social media management initially and our services have expanded to content creation and email marketing.

With an established identity in place, our job was simply to expand their brand into a social media expression and build their email list at the same time. Since working with Reach Orphans Worldwide, over $8,000 has been donated to orphanages and foster care organizations around the globe. Creating stunning content, we work fearlessly to end the orphan crisis in our lifetime. Whether it is a seasonal fundraising campaign, co-writing and designing an e-book, or sending out a beautiful monthly newsletter, this collateral is stunning, sharp, and fresh.

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