This project is one that I’m beyond excited to share with the world!  A labor of love, this is the process behind branding for the event WORK Break. WORK Break is a different kind of event. The desire is to gather creatives and bring great things to the NorCal community. More than anything, it is about building collaborations and encouraging fellow creatives in their craft, making us all better at what we do, and this little town better place. For the identity, the sky was the limit.

Keep reading about the creative process and collateral  after the jump!

About The Mark/ Process

Incorporating the name and existing logo for WORK within this lettermark, the mark is a variation adding a serif font with a strong thick/thin contrast. When I began my sketches, I wanted to play with handwriting as the type contrast. However, when it came to creating the mark, this serif font provided the perfect type contrast. Paired with a border it adds weight and anchoring which is great for social media applications.


Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Work Break 5Work Break 4

My favorite part of this project? Playing with the applications and collateral. Every month the topics at WORK Break evolve. It means new art prints, talk stacks, sponsorships, and social media applications.

Work Break 7

More than anything I love the creative freedom this ongoing project continues to provide and am so excited for what the fall holds! It’s the first project where I’m producing for other creatives and watching people get excited about what I’m making. It’s one thing to watch eyes light up with a local business owner, but when it’s other creatives you look up to and have admired for years, it’s a whole other story! For July’s WORK break, the collateral was a fun initial rollout and slightly cheeky. I absolutely love our stamped coffee cups based on a few current pop songs. It’s provided a great laugh for people as they got their morning pour over, not to mention a little ode to Rihanna and Fifth Symphony. Can’t take yourself too seriously at 8 AM!

I’m currently onboarding clients for the fall. Ready to make the investment in your business? I’d love to work with you. Contact me here.


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