Pantone Color of the Year: Greenery

With the onset of every year, Pantone rolls out a color. While I initially saw some of these choices as arbitrary, I have come to embrace the influence this choice has on fashion and home trends. In the past few years, colors chosen have been harder to embrace. We had years of fuschia, tangerine, sapphire blue, and blush. While these colors are great in isolated moments, I couldn’t imagine how a room filled with orange could be amazing. However, this year’s color is one that I adore. With variations of green found in nature and my love of house plants, I can’t wait to see how this color influences the market. Meet Greenery, Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year.

With the resurgence of houseplants and palms in a strong way, this color couldn’t come at a better time. Mixed with whites, coppers, and concrete textures, it adds the depth of color to interiors that has been desperately needed among the White Wall trend.

In fashion, the color is showing up as a close friend to olive shades, but with a bit more depth and saturation. The above image from New York Fashion Week, combines a few trends- the midi skirt cut, knife pleats, and this stunning color in one look.

No longer using standard white plates, earthen stoneware has returned with a strong force. With deep colors and matte finishes, food imagery and tablescapes have invited a richness of home with textures that bear story and a nature of home. Paired with coppers and nude tones, this color combination is stunning on any table.

The last stop. Food. Over the past year, matcha has returned as a favorite to the food scene as have greens in any color place in a bowl. Whether it has been informed food choices or a love of kale and avocados, micro greens and smoothies, these foods are inspired and have staying power (not to mention loads of nutritional benefits.

Ready to try out the trend? We’ve curated a few of our favorite products in this beautiful hue below.

greenery 2017Sven Sectional Sofa from Article | Midcentury Planter from Target | Silk V-Neck Tank from Grana
Ivy Painting from Minted 

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Cover photo from digsdigs.

What are your thoughts on 2017’s color of the year? Love it or hate it?

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