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Yesterday we shared with you the story of a local maker, Delcie. With each piece handcrafted at her kitchen table, she pours love and excellence into her work. One of the things I love is that I see many of you, my dear readers as I uncovered her story. Someone with a big dream, approachable means, and just starting out. If you haven’t done so, make sure to read her full interview here.

Keep reading the post for some of our favorite pieces and an exclusive discount after the jump!

There’s something about the minimal, everyday pieces. With subtle elegance and timeless quality these pieces are now on the regular in my wardrobe. If you’ve been around the blog for any period of time, you know that there’s something about a local sourced basic. Most of my jewelry in fashion shoots has been layering of the same 5 pieces. While it’s easy in the blogging world to recommend the next product sample or latest trend, it feels disingenuous. I want to show you easy and approachable ways to curate and love beauty throughout the everyday. When I found Delcie’s pieces I knew this was a fresh update and the perfect pairing for my existing collection. She has generously offered our readers an exclusive discount. Use GLISTEN18 upon checkout to get 15% off your purchase.

IMG_7751IMG_7744shop the maker delcieSHOP THE MAKER:
Gold Detached Loop Overlap Earring | Detached Loop Earring | Detached Hoop Earring

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