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Australia has amazing food. Regardless of whether you’re in a city of millions or a town of 300, there will always be a pub, cafe, and bakery, full of delicious finds. Aussie’s love their meat and fresh food. Many of the ingredients that have caused controversy in the states are banned in food production in Australia. Because of this, there are no hormones, genetically modified ingredients, artificial food color, and high fructose corn syrup allowed in food. Even a simple sliced tomato with salt and pepper on toast, brings the fullness of flavor of a tomato. With a diet focused on fresh veggies, meat, and some of the best breads you’ll find, discover the tastes of Australia.

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The coffee scene in Australia is around ten years ahead of the States and is absolutely unparalleled. Not only is it good, it’s the best cup I’ve had in my life. A few things to note, when purchasing coffee at the end of summer an iced coffee is incredibly different than what we have come to know stateside. Filled with ice cream and whipped cream, iced coffee is a stunning dessert and treat rather than a summer temp coffee. If you’re looking for coffee beans, make sure to purchase them in the city, as coffee shops in the country won’t carry them.


With a countryside filled with cattle and sheep, get ready to consume a large amount of protein. From thinly shaved wagyu beef, to lamb burgers, and freshly seared kangaroo, you’ll find phenomenal mains, prepared flawlessly. As someone who loves lamb occasionally, make sure to take every opportunity to enjoy this dish. While on my trip, I enjoyed lamb burgers, lamb shoulder, and a grilled lamb pizza. Over the past five years, kangaroo has shifted from a rarity to a protein that is found in any market. Pan seared medium rare and finished with a sauce, make sure to try this meat while in Australia. Make sure to try sausages, meat pies, and sausage rolls from area bakeries. This is a long-standing Aussie tradition and a must try.


With over 16,000 miles of shoreline, Australia has a great assortment of fresh seafood to choose from. While there make sure to try barramundi, a species native to Papua New Guinea and Northern Australia. Boasting a strong flavor, it has a similar texture to cod but is far richer in depth of flavor. I recommend trying this fish served grilled or in fish and chips. For mains I also tried tiger prawns in linguine and the best calamari I’ve ever had. (I’m hoping to recreate soon.) In the states calamari is known for being overdone and thickly battered. Not the case with this dish. Pan seared with lemon, salt and pepper, the calamari was served in thick strips and cooked perfectly. It was phenomenal.

Morning Tea:

Brought from the days of British heritage and colonization, tea stands as a staple within the day. Much like a mid-morning break, head to a bakery and try a sweet treat to pair with a proper cup of coffee or tea. Bakeries are filled with amazing treats and I recommend trying a few native to Australia. If you’re looking for something savory go for a meat pie or sausage roll. If you’re looking for something sweet, a lamington or caramel slice are perfect.

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  • I had no idea that they have banned foods that we allow in America! Great information! I loved hearing about the coffee and tea experiences and about the native Australian dishes too!