The One Thing I Should Have Done 5 Years Ago

This one is crazy. Are you ready? I’m shocked I’m even writing this. 5 Years ago I should have started growing my email list. Seriously? That’s right. Here’s the honest truth. As a 1 on the Enneagram, I waited and waited and waited until things were perfect. (Most of us are totally perfectionists and won’t do something until its perfect.) So what did I do? I waited until the site launched, I had great traffic and I tested everything. I scheduled out my automations in Mailchimp, and wanted everything to be seamless. There were 5 different ways to get on the email list with segmentation (and still are) and subsequent guides to go with each.

The downside of things being perfectly calculated? I waited two years prior to launching it. In that time, both Instagram and Facebook went through multiple changes making each and every organic post more challenging to reach my audience.

Here’s the details on email lists and why they matter:

Aren’t email lists old school and lame? Nope, this list is more than subscribers, it’s followers that will have direct communication with you. By growing an email list, you’re building an audience that is yours- 110%. They’re not controlled by anyone else. No longer prey to changes on social media, these followers are yours. YOUR list. They’re not subject to an algorithm, changes to organic content, or the latest feature. They’re yours as long as they stay subscribed.

The stats are in your favor.
The open rate of emails and your campaign is higher than than any organic reach of social media posts. Depending on the audience your open rate is anywhere from 10-90% and can result in stunning conversions (average is 5%).

You get to serve an audience, raise a tribe, before ever selling a thing. People can smell a mile off when they’re being sold something, right? Through email lists you get to delight an audience, raise a tribe, and create brand loyalty before you ever make your first pitch. This year we’re focused on serving our email list unlike ever before. We’re saving the absolute best for them and know that it is more important than any blog post we might write. We believe in business owners and are dedicated to their success – plain and simple. It starts with our email list.

There is a direct correlation between email lists and dollars in your pocket every month.
Say what? That’s right. For every subscriber, you can assume it will bring in $1 into your bank account each month. When was the last time you could say that about your likes on Instagram? We thought so.

Have I convinced you yet? How are you utilizing email marketing as apart of your brand strategy? If this is something you’re wanting help with, we’re the studio for you. (Seriously though, why wait?)

Get on the list.

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