Tuesday Thoughts



See you later.

All of these are phrases that have frequented my life the last month. I find myself incredibly thankful for the relationships that have been built in this new season. I have found people that I honor, love, and ones my heart has come to trust. These are the kinds of relationships where I feel safe, valued, and known. Last week this quote from Maya Angelou was brought back to the forefront of my mind.

While it is one that is familiar to most, it is one that has challenged me. As a creative, I have always struggled with doing what I love for work, but simultaneously sharing my life with the world. What is the balance of throwing incredible parties, creating beautiful moments to enjoy with community, but knowing there are still parts that need to be reserved for you. What are the moments that I have a genuine connection that isn’t shared with everyone?  I too know that I can pen amazing words for others, have a stunning Instagram feed, and grow my readership in vast numbers. However, after this past week I’m reminded that at the end of the day what I most desire is connection and relationship. The places where I have authenticity, the weight and care behind the beautifully penned words, the people I desire to live well for, and the aim of true connectedness with them.

For most of my life, I have wanted my legacy to be one who loved much. Regardless of what it looked like or the cost, this has been my greatest desire. How do people feel when they leave our time together? Are they encouraged? Do they find their hearts cared for and known? Were they free to be themselves, engage, and take delight in our time together?



Regardless of the interaction, may you be one who loves much.

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