What’s In My Bag: Camping Edition

Last weekend, we spent our first weekend out in the woods and camping with a group of friends. It was my first trip since moving to NorCal and a much needed reprieve. Not to mention, I was able to get my kayak out for the first time this season. A welcome sight indeed. While I might have encountered a few more furry creatures than I would have prefered, all in all, the trip was a huge success. There are a few tips and tricks that we absolutely love and are perfect, whether you prefer backpacking or car camping.

Keep reading for to find our camping essentials!

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Camping Stove from MSR: I received this as a Christmas gift many years ago. While you can easily purchase a variety of camping stoves, I loved this one due to it’s compact nature, efficiency in burning time and the ability to work with a variety of fuels. The Whisperlite stove has a wide stance, keeping a variety of pots stable and have the ability to feed larger groups of people.

Backpacking Sleeping Bag from REI: Perfect for three seasons of camping, this bag will last for years. (Ours is going on 7+ years.) This bag works in temperatures in the 50s, making it a slim bag for backpacking. With a stuff sack, it is perfect for attaching to the side of a pack.

SingleNest Hammock from ENO: We love our hammock. Whether setting it up to backpack, camping, or just in the back yard. On most of our backpacking trips, this is our bed and it’s far more comfortable than sleeping on the ground. Promise.

Atlas Suspension System from ENOWhen purchasing an ENO, these straps are the way to go. Woven throughout the strap is a rubber webbing. It adds extra grip to trees and has additional loops, making setting up your hammock an absolute breeze. We know there are other straps on the market, but when it comes to these, there literally is no comparison.

Toploader Camera Bag from LoweProWhen it comes to simple setups for shooting content while backpacking, I love this bag. It has a front pocket for my keys, phone, and a protein bar. (Basically my essentials when hiking.) I never miss a shot due to the toploading nature of the bag. It holds a camera with one lens and has additional storage for 1 more lens in a bottom velcro compartment. Face rain while hiking? It has a sewn in rain jacket that will keep your gear protected if it has to face the elements. When I’m not hiking and backpacking it stays in the top of my pack for quick and easy access, giving my camera the extra padding and protection it needs.

Coffee Press + Thermos from Stanley: We all know regardless of how comfortable you bed might be camping, the reality is you want a strong cup of coffee at sunrise in the morning. This coffee press holds 32 oz of coffee so it has enough capacity for all those around the fire.

Sleeping bag liner from Sea to Summit: Pair this with your 3 season backpacking sleeping bag and your sleeping bag liner will work all year. This liner is super soft and fits in rectangular and mummy shaped bags.

7-In-1 Multi Tool from DG Sports: This multi-tool is phenomenal. With collapsable silverware, a great pocket knife, bottle opener, and corkscrew it does everything you could possibly need with an outdoor kitchen.

Pack from Marmot: I bought this pack for a trip to the Rockies around 6 years ago. I love it more and more every trip I take. It has great hauling capacity and compression. I love the additional pouch on top for an essentials needed.

Hiking Sandal from Chacos: Any person who loves the outdoors, needs to own a pair of Chacos. I stick with basic black and opted for a pair without toe grips. (It makes long hikes much much more comfortable.) Ready for a variety of terrain, you can go from hiking to crossing creek beds while keeping plenty of traction and with shoes that dry quickly.

12 Inch Frying Pan from Coleman: With a collapsable handle, the skillet remains compact. The handle also has a rubber coating, keeping it cool while over the fire. With a non-stick coating, it’s easy to wipe clean and use over and over for a variety of meals. Our favorite? Sweet potato and pumpkin pancakes.

Better Sweater Pullover from Patagonia: While I don’t swear by loads of additional outdoor clothing, this piece is worth the investment. It looks great and wears well year in, year out. I think one year this doubled as my winter coat. It’s a must buy for any of those who love to do hikes and backpacking in the winter months, providing great layers.

Get the Gear.
Camping Stove | Backpacking Sleeping Bag | SingleNest Hammock | Atlas Suspension System
LowePro DSLR Camera Bag | Coffee Press + Thermos | Sleeping Bag Liner | 7-In-1 Multi Tool
Marmot Pack | Hiking Sandal|12 Inch Frying Pan |Better Sweater Pullover

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