Why Not?

As I sat on the couch with a friend, chatting late into the night, it was a question she brought up. There’s been heartache, celebration, and moving forward with huge wins for both of us over the past 6 months. But as she asked this question and the dialogue proceeded something unlocked within me.

Her question was simply put. “Why wait?” Why wait for everything to be perfect, for all the lines to be crossed and the metaphorical “I”s to be dotted? Why wait for the next season, to have a spouse, to own a house, or to have everything be absolutely perfect in order to do the very things you desire to do. 

As I’ve navigated the first 8 weeks of my 31st year, things have felt disjointed and clunky at best. Life has been full and brought with it breaking points. But here’s what I do know. I’m brimming with hope.
Here’s what I want you to ask yourself today: Why not?

Why not take the next step? Why not start to build your life around the moments that bring you life? Why not pour into community richly and deeply? Why not ask them out to coffee, have the dinner party, or choose fun over the endless to-do list? Why not book the flight, go on the vacation, and have a true adventure? Why not chase your passions and watch where they take you?Why not try the recipe you’ve always thought about? Why not try something new? Why not develop the side hustle or cultivate hobbies?

Today, don’t wait. Instead of asking “Why?” and let it cause hesitancy within you, ask “Why Not?”

Take the next step and move forward.

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