Word of the Year: Abide

As I gaze into my Christmas tree, I know the holiday season will soon come to a close. I’ve returned back to my California home on Friday and the fresh beginning of a new year is upon us. Past the glitter, party horns, and popping of champagne, I love the idea of a fresh start. I’m obsessed with them. Whether you’re someone who loves making resolutions or someone who has resolved to no longer make resolutions, I love the hope and optimism, the dreaming of dreams that comes to the surface. Rather than being called a dreamer, everyone seems to allow vulnerability of heart and desire come to the surface.

Every year, I choose a word to look to as a single worded mission statement. In 2017, I chose the word focus. In 2016, I chose Risk. This word serves as the driving line for my year, bringing about a fixed gaze and a simple reminder as to the purpose of my daily choices. Last year, I took my word and placed in on a leather key chain and providing a beautiful daily reminder. (Feel free to order yours from my friend Christine at Twin Sparrow Co.) 2017 was a year of focus. It brought so much breakthrough and resilience, I’m continually reminded of the beauty of redemption and restoration God’s promises bring. Sometimes it simply isn’t over until it’s over. This year I chose the word Abide. As an achiever and go-getter I rarely know how to sit still. There’s simply a restlessness within. I always desire for more and run after it hard. This year, I’m revisiting the idea of what it truly means to abide, to run after wholeheartedness, and finding that His nearness is always for my good.

As the temperatures drop outside and we enter a winter season, I’m finding a different form of beauty that comes with this implicit hibernation. Much as the season requires it, it is bringing back a rhythm of much needed stillness. Over the past three mornings, I haven’t set my alarm. I’ve woken up when my body desired. I didn’t touch my phone, proceeded to drink a warm mug of water, and spend 10 minutes doing stretches. Crawling back into bed with my mug of water, I read a few chapters in my Bible. The bringing back of a morning routine and time with the one who knows me most deeply, is exactly what my heart needed. I’m relearning that abiding is truly the best for the soul. May you find me there every day.

What’s your word for the year?

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