You know the days where you’re on your A-game? You are accomplishing things left and right, tackling your to-do list line by line. As an entrepreneur there’s days where it’s a lot of hustle and heart. But what if you could work smarter rather than harder? What if a bit if disciple could give you extra margin back into your life, allowing you a greater sense of freedom. These 10 business hacks will do just that! They’re great ways to manage your time, incorporate automation, and move forward.

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1. Work from a table or desk.

We get it the couch is more comfortable; however, if you sit at a desk or a table you’re highly productive. It’s shocking how productive you’ll become.

2. Embrace the power of momentum. Complete the dreaded task first.

Statistically most of us get only three major items done daily. Rather than procrastinating avoiding a dreaded task and stagnating for others, go on ahead and tackle the task first thing in the morning. Once you’ve completed a major task, you’ll start to build momentum and energy to accomplish more. You know the task that’s been on your to-do list all week? Let’s tackle it first thing this morning.

3. Shut off your phone and all screens.

Most of us interact with our phones from the time we get up in the morning to the time we go to bed (Guilty, here.) Because of this phantom effect is a real thing. Have you found yourself in a meeting, arbitrarily checking your phone, only to find out it never buzzed? It’s a reflex many of us experience. Due to push notifications, distractions, and communication channels, the average human struggles to engage in conversation for more than a few minutes at a time.  The same is true for our workflow.

Instead of spending time on your phone during the work day, start by turning off all of your notifications (computer and phones) and adjusting your phone screen to gray scale. If you’re feeling incredibly daring, shut it off. Watch your productivity skyrocket as you aren’t constantly pulled and distracted.

4. Reclaim focus and ditch multitasking. Work on one thing (if possible, one window at a time) at a time.

We’ve been taught that multitasking is an art form. It’s expected as many of us wear multiple hats throughout the day. Instead work on one thing and window at a time. For many of you, this will feel like a strong discipline to adapt, but it’s worth it. Giving a task 100% of your focus is necessary for creativity to flourish and ideas to be developed.

5. Create a setting where you thrive.

Whether you work from home or have a standard 9-5, make your workspace one you love and thrive in. For me, this means lighting a candle, cup of coffee and glass of water in hand. To finish out the space, I light a favorite candle and plush lumbar pillow in my office chair. When I do this I have the most focus as I’m dialed in and love the space. It’s the rituals prior that get me in full work mode.

6. Identify areas of resistance. Invite feedback. This includes the fears, haters, and critics.

This idea was popularized by the book The War of Art. Speaking to the idea of resistance, there’s something within each of us where there is a war within. It’s the place that holds us back, the fears, the naysayers, those closest to us who don’t back our dreams. It’s the resistance that has to be conquered every time we hesitate. Because once we get started, overcoming resistance, phenomenal things happen. Then when you release your work, invite feedback. All the feedback- let it make you better, move you forward, and prove everyone wrong.

7. Invest in yourself.

Over the past two weeks, American pop culture has lost two major icons. They inspired us, lived fame lives, yet ultimately left this world far too soon. As a creative and solo-entrepreneur, I cannot express this enough- invest in yourself and your business. This can mean a workout on lunch, going for a 15 minute walk in the afternoon slum, or adjusting your hours for a longer weekend. Regardless of the hustle, don’t allow self-care to go to the wayside.

8. Ditch trying to do it all.

In the name of saving money, it’s easy to try to tackle it all on your own. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your task list, it’s time to ditch the shame and build your team. This could mean a housekeeper who does laundry, meal prepping, grocery shopping, and the cleaning. If your a family, this alone could add hours back to your life. The next step, hiring an accountant. As a small business owner, good accountants are a lifesaver and pay for themselves every year. Identify where your weaknesses are and hire others who are experts in this area. Last year, I worked with an accountant, video editor, and web developer. These are not my strong suits and I’m so thankful I chose to invest where I did.

9. Establish boundaries.

Being at a desk does not always mean efficiency or getting things done. Being attached to your phone, engaging on social media, and always obsessed with work, will cause for an unhealthy value for both your business and the way you interact with others. Choose to be intentional and present with those you are with. Communicate boundaries and office hours. Never assume that if someone calls they are required an 1 hour conference call or a response immediately. Schedule calls and office hours to maintain boundaries between your work and home life. (This is vital if you work from home.)

10. Work in batches.

As I batch tasks, there’s a moment of hitting stride and I am the most productive. I try to allocate specific days of the week for particular tasks. There’s one day where I write my a week’s worth a blog posts. Another day goes to copy writing and content creation for social media clients. At the beginning of the week, I focus on scheduling, client calls, and answering emails from the weekend. Batching is a great way to get loads done and embracing momentum. Because are using a similar skillset and can develop consistency, rather than jumping from one task to another, the ability to get things done much faster skyrockets.


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