3 Signs You’re Ready for a Rebrand

With the transition of season and now into the thick of Q4, business owners are eager to see holiday sales happen and know the pitfalls of their existing marketing campaigns. By looking at a website, message, and visual assets, goals can soar or be prepared or they simply feel behind. Recently we’ve sat down with a few potential clients who have wondered if the investment in a fresh website or rebrand is worth it.

Here’s the honest truth: a new website or rebrand process is an investment. By investing in those things you’re strategizing to reach your DREAM clients and to shift toward a results mindset. Results are a long-haul game and are filled with layer upon layer of strategy.

3 Signs You’re Ready for a Rebrand.

1. Are you seeing the results you desire?

In any business, the ultimate goal is to see profit. For many business as their offerings and services become diversified, the overall message of their brand becomes confused and unclear. The result? Customers don’t know how to engage or what you want them to do. Brand confusion=lack sales. It’s a direct correlation. By clarifying your brand, placing strategy behind it, and building beautiful sales funnels, you gain CLARITY and RESULTS. Both serve one another and are distinctly integrated.

2. Have your services or offerings have changed?

Maybe you started your business as a personal photographer, but are now pivoting into adventure, elopements, and weddings. Maybe you are a realtor who is now offering a luxury experience, staging, and appealing to even the short-term rental market. As you pivot in business, you site probably hasn’t evolved with your needs and the current market. A website redesign can make your funnels clear, enticing, and lead to greater results long-term. So if your website no longer accurately reflects your offering, or your services lack clarity, your brand is probably ready for a refresh.

3.  Is your visual presence and message still compelling?

You might visit your site everyday or every other day. While a site redesign can be a process, it is through stunning visuals and web presence where you can add fresh energy to your online space, client experience, and serving others ridiculously well. If you no longer feel compelled by your online presence or that you have grown in your craft aesthetically, it might be time for a rebrand.

Because you deserve a better brand.

Here are Glisten and Grace, branding is our specialty. Let’s be honest, your brand deserves it. More than a fresh look, we take a deep dive into your existing metrics, find out what’s working and what isn’t. We identify your dream clients, target market, and find the best solutions for your brand and digital assets moving forward. Are you ready for both a visually stunning brand and stunning results? Contact us here.

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