30 Lessons I’ve Learned Before Turning 30

It’s the time of year where hiatus, hibernation, and goal setting. While it is the start of the new year for everyone else, for myself it’s also marks the start of a new decade. My twenties were full. Full of cross-country moves, rebuilding of community, and choosing to find home whether with two 50 lb bags in tow or in apartments. Inspired by the work of Stefan Sagmeister, (you can check out his video here), today this post is a reflection on the past decade. It’s been wild and a crazy adventure beyond my furthest imagination.

As I started my 20s, I was wrapping up my college career. While college was by far one of the most phenomenal community and full of dear souls, it was a roller coaster ride. With crazy health scares, I started my 20th year, thankful for life and beyond excited for another day. As I finished my college career I graduated into one of the most challenging economies the United States had ever seen. I was venturing out into the real world hoping my costly, six figure degree would be worth something and move me past that of my fellow peers working in a coffee shop.

As I neared my mid twenties the dream job had come and gone. I would spend hours hoping, praying for the next thing to come. Late nights of study and 8 years of work had come to a crashing halt within 14 months. I was desperate for something new. I was creative, loved hard work, knew what I was called to, and was navigating a new world (from the courtesy of my parent’s home.)

If there was one word that would describe the past decade, it is simply resilience. It’s looking toward a goal and running hard after it. This isn’t for anyone else, it truly is for yourself, your family, and the legacy you leave for others. It’s about being willing to ask the hard questions, being content with doubt and grappling with calling, and not settling for the status quo. It is possible to do it with grace and embrace the process you’re currently in.

More than any lesson I’ve learned, I’ve learned that the cost of living a wholehearted life is worth it. No matter the challenges, disappointments, or upsets, there hasn’t been a moment of regret.

Here are 30 Lessons I’ve Learned in Life Thus Far:

1. Choose happiness everyday.
2. Your smile (regardless of the coffee-stained or less than perfect teeth) lights up a room.
3. Light is light wherever it goes.
4. Failure is never fatal.
5. Sometimes messes happen. Know how to own your part, clean up the mess, and move forward.
6. Learn how to receive feedback from others. You will grow as a person and as a leader, showing you new ways to thrive.
7. Embrace seasons.
8. Love always wins.
9. Live with legacy in mind.
10. Experiences are always more valuable than stuff.
11. Time is a precious resource.
12. Nothing is worth your peace.
13. Understand the grace that can come in a moment.
14. Technology is a gift. It brings the world to your doorstep. Navigate it with grace and truth, realizing the impact your voice has. Own it.
15. Choose to be a slave to nothing. Fear, rejection, the phone and phantom buzz in your back pocket.
16. Find everyday moments to celebrate.
17. Champion the place where you live. It will serve your city, others, and yourself well.
18. There is enough courage to dream.
19. Some battles aren’t worth fighting. Others are worth it. Pick and choose.
20. Find a way to merge your passion and purpose with profit.
21. Self-care isn’t selfish. It is for the benefit of everyone else.
22. Creativity is a process and a journey. Champion others in their creativity and stepping out.
23. Choose to live a life and story that compels, inspires, and gives life to others.
24. For she loved much. May this be my legacy.
25. Discipline brings margin and breathing room for spontaneity, adventure, and fun.
26. Work hard and be kind.
27. Gratitude and thankfulness move us from one season to the next.
28. Resilience and tenacity of the human spirit are phenomenal.
29. Beauty comes in a stunning spectrum of sights, colors, shapes, and sizes.
30. People are worth investing in. Love deep, love well, and watch transformation happen.

What are some of the life lessons you have learned thus far?

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